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The independent operation of the eight major bases of Chinatelecom began with video

on June 19, with Tianzheng's 102 million yuan cash injection into Tianyi video base, the prelude to the independent operation of the eight major product bases of Chinatelecom (Weibo) officially opened

attracting foreign investment

imitating the interconnected operation mode

in March this year, it was reported that the eight major product bases of Chinatelecom would operate as independent companies. Tencent technology was the first and exclusive company to produce automotive alloys with a formability higher than that of current aluminum alloys by more than 40%. People learned that this was true. At that time, the situation was still in the process of overall promotion, The original staff of the product base will be separated from the formal establishment of Chinatelecom in the future

In May, Tencent technology once again took the lead in reporting the latest progress in the independent corporatization operation of Chinatelecom's eight major product bases, that is, some middle and senior executives such as the general manager of the base have begun internal competition or open high salary recruitment, which means that the independent corporatization of the base has entered a substantive stage of operation

this month, China Merchants China Fund issued an announcement that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangdong Shenzhen Tianzheng Investment Co., Ltd., signed a capital increase agreement on Tianyi video media Co., Ltd. on June 2. Tianzheng agreed to inject 102million yuan of capital into Tianyi video, holding about 5.37% of the expanded share capital of Tianyi video

attracting investment means that Tianyi video will be relatively independent from the telecom matrix. The independent operation of professional companies is the general direction, but until about 15 seconds, Xinhui will adopt different independent operation modes according to different types and characteristics of business. So far, the prelude to the independent operation of the eight bases of Chinatelecom has officially opened

at the beginning, in order to cope with the competitive pressure of the Internet industry and enrich content application products, Chinatelecom successively established eight product bases in the south. However, due to the limitations of the operator's own system and mechanism and the influence of corporate culture, these bases are difficult to compete with Internet products, and also increased the cost expenditure of Chinatelecom

according to insiders, Tencent technology revealed that in terms of management, the eight bases report to the innovation Department of Chinatelecom group, and the innovation department will allocate different amounts of operating funds to the eight bases every year, which is not large, but the group requires each base to report expense applications and uses from time to time, which is often determined after multi-level approval, To a large extent, it delays the best opportunity for product promotion and marketing. Secondly, there is no effective and flexible innovation incentive mechanism for base employees

such a management and incentive mechanism is incompatible with the high-risk, high return and high incentive characteristics of Internet products, and makes it subject to many restrictions in product innovation and talent introduction

this time, Tianyi video company was invested by China Merchants Fund, which means that it began to operate according to the interconnected venture capital process. Chinatelecom hopes that by introducing foreign capital and operating independently, it can quickly hand over Tianyi video and other professional companies to the market, experience its ability to play the market with cruel Internet rules, and prepare for emerging business breakthrough

independent operation will enable Tianyi video company to have independent financial and personnel rights, divide the management team and form an entrepreneurial Internet company, including substantive changes in organizational structure, assessment objectives, risk-taking, etc. In the past, it had talent ties, business ties, financial ties and resource ties with the group, which will become capital ties after independent operation

in addition, independent operation can enable professional companies to integrate seamlessly with mobile Internet and connect with the advantages of the group in a market-oriented way

micro film

cross border integration to create a new mode of video industry

so, what mode does independent operation take? Some businesses of the eight bases are for public customers, and some businesses are for industrial customers. Different characteristics lead to different modes of independent operation

yesterday, the micro film channel jointly created by Huayi Brothers and Chinatelecom Tianyi video was officially launched, officially announcing the full cooperation in the micro film industry

Tianyi video's move is seen as a successful extension to the upstream of the entertainment industry chain. With the strong advantages of its paid video service, it began to innovate the business model of the micro film industry and further moved towards the goal of becoming China's largest paid video platform

it is reported that Tianyi video and Huayi Brothers will jointly carry out five actions, including global short film content solicitation, creating campus tour shows, artist selection activities, cultivating contracted directors and artists, and setting up a micro film research and innovation center

for the industry, this move is of great significance: first, it focuses on mobile Internet and realizes the maximum dissemination of works through multi screen linkage; 2、 Provide a paid distribution platform for commercial micro films, and solve the problem of single income structure of micro film producers; 3、 Stimulate more excellent directors and producers to participate in the micro film industry and shoot better works; 4、 Provide more professional exports for practitioners and promote industrial prosperity; 5、 Explore new industry standards and lead the healthy development of the industry

as the only national video service operation platform under Chinatelecom, Tianyi video covers, PC, pad and other cross screen terminals. After more than two years of market-oriented operation, it has reached extensive cooperation with more than 70 video operators

Huayi Brothers' new media business system has rich experience in all entertainment content production, content integration, content operation and marketing promotion. The two sides will rely on the huge user resources of 120million Tianyi users and 80million broadband users of Chinatelecom, and provide high-quality micro film and micro drama video services for cross screen users. The two sides will strive to build the largest paid micro film and micro drama distribution platform in China

up to now, the number of users of Tianyi video platform has exceeded 58million, the number of paying users is nearly 13million, and the number of users clicking and playing per month is more than 40million. Tianyi video has become one of the largest paid video service platforms in China, and has successfully realized the business model of paying users to watch

insiders revealed to Tencent technology that Chinatelecom's release of potential mobile Internet Product Videos this time also means that it has opened the door to cooperation with all parties in the society. Financial institutions, securities traders, government agencies, media, advertising, etc. may have different types of close cooperation with it, and the listing of professional companies is also expected. Chinatelecom group will not set a standard for independent operation, but rely more on these professional companies to break through

earlier, Chinatelecom insiders also revealed to Tencent that the real goal behind the independent operation is to list eight bases in batches, which seems to be gradually verified in the future

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