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Emerson Network power is one of the business departments of Emerson group (NYSE: EMR), This company, which has been leading the global industry in business critical continuitytm technology, announced the launch of a new 40g AdvancedTCA (ATCA) package processing blade system, so that network operators can improve the cost-effectiveness and computational efficiency of the system through the load integration function, and simplify the configuration of network security system and speed up content inspection. This blade system, atca-7470, adopts Intel's communication architecture (formerly known as crystal forest), and makes full use of the various functions of this communication architecture, so that packet processing, data storage, input/output, data transmission, interface connection and other operations can give full play to their respective performance through appropriate coordination

Stephen Dow, President of Emerson Network Energy embedded computing products, said: "In order for the blade system to give full play to the advantages of load integration, the main board of the system must not only have extremely high packet processing capacity, but also have excellent performance in the application of the control surface. In order to meet these requirements, the atca-7470 blade system not only adopts the fastest memory subsystem, but also has a built-in high-performance unloading engine that can balance the load and an active/active 40g network interface with extremely high bandwidth. Emerson Network Energy A series of ATCA blade systems have been leading the market, and this atca-7470 is the latest model of this series of products. With this blade system, telecom operators can gain great flexibility in finding new traders and terminal providers in system deployment, so that they can provide users with more value-added network services at a lower cost. "

Steve price, general manager of Intel communications architecture, said, "due to Intel (Intel) The communication architecture of can support the load integration function, so network operators can make full use of this network architecture to improve computing efficiency and reduce procurement costs and operating expenses. In addition, the carrying capacity of the network can also be further expanded to support multimedia and other content that requires a lot of bandwidth to meet the needs of consumers in this regard. More importantly, the functions of package processing, program operation and control processing are all integrated into a blade system to ensure that the system can give full play to its performance, which is a very important advantage. "

Emerson's atca-7470 blade system can connect ATCA data plane network and other networks directly through a variety of different high-speed interfaces. Intel's 89xx series communication chipset is equipped with the balanced offload acceleration function, which can support Intel's highest performance Xeon e. it is necessary to evaluate and set the experimental specifications of 600 series processors. Because the atca-7470 blade system has these advantages, it can provide extremely high bandwidth for the system to process a large amount of data and execute control surface programs

atca-7470 blade system can fully support Intel's data plane development kit (Intel dpdk), so that the system can support the load integration function. Intel's data plane development kit (Intel dpdk) contains optimized library files to ensure that the package data processed by Intel's multi-core processors can be quickly transmitted through the data plane, and also ensure that the package processing on the network can be quickly completed without affecting the system information security

thanks to the latest architecture of Intel, telecom equipment manufacturers can integrate package processing and other data and control functions on the same platform, which can not only reduce the development cost, but also use the general tool suite, so that the system can quickly coordinate the operation process of different hardware, so that products can be faster. When making samples, the tensile testing machine should pay attention to the market

this atca-7470 blade system is optimized for various ATCA system platforms of Emerson Network energy, and fully supports dual slot, 6-slot and 14 slot platforms. These products can meet the different requirements of different equipment in Telecom grade central computer room and network data center respectively

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