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New 3D printing personalized food technology is expected to solve the problem of food shortage

it is understood that Jerusalem company Yissum has launched a new technology platform for 3D printing personalized food. The author learned that the platform can preset standards to 3D print personalized food, which may solve the problem of food shortage in developing countries

recently, Yissum, a technology transfer company at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, launched a new technology platform for 3D printing personalized foods based on natural, calorie free nano cellulose fibers

this platform can be used according to the pre-set standards. 3 China's new PE and PP production capacity is constantly releasing d-print personalized food, which can serve many traditional experiments. The main problem is the time-consuming food market, including meat substitutes, gluten free food, vegetarian food and low calorie food. Due to the self-assembly performance of nano cellulose fiber, you can add and combine different food ingredients, such as fat and protein, and the food taste can also be controlled. The output of hbcdd in China from 2011 to 2012 is about 35000 to 38000 tons. What's better, this technology can bake, boil, fry and barbecue while 3D printing

"The ability to automatically prepare, mix, shape and cook personalized food in one device is a truly disruptive concept. The realization of this idea requires complete control of the ingredients used to produce immediately edible, healthy and delicious food. This approach may solve various challenges in the field of nutrition, such as the personalized food needs of celiac disease or diabetes patients, vegetarians and other groups The special nutritional habits of developing countries are lack of food, "Yissum said

at the conference "3D printing and beyond: current and future trends" held tomorrow at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Institute of Biochemistry, food science and nutrition The project leader, Professor idobraslavsky, will demonstrate this novel platform

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