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New anti-static stat loy composites used in medical devices

recently, saber basic innovative plastics launched a new breakthrough anti-static composite for inhalation devices, so patients and medical device OEMs can now feel more at ease

suction device using new anti-static stat loy composites

at the MDM West, the company released three important new products of high-performance LNP low-noise stat loy special composites series. This new transparent material has permanent antistatic properties, does not need expensive secondary operations, and can help ensure the repeated configuration of quantitative agents and reduce drug costs through more efficient aerosol and powder diffusion. According to ISO 10993, the biocompatibility of this new LNP stat loy special composite grade was pre evaluated specifically for the problem that the existing high-speed rail insulators cannot be used at low temperature, so as to help manufacturers meet compliance and speed up the market. Saber innovative plastics' investment in these materials and other cutting-edge health care technologies reflects the company's commitment to customers: to actively meet the growing needs of the medical industry in ensuring patient safety and reducing production costs

David DeVito, market manager of new LNP composite products of saber basic innovative plastics, said: "Saber basic innovative plastics is putting more and more high-end and highly specialized material series into the medical treatment. In addition, it also needs to often apply antirust oil to these areas in the device industry. Our newly launched transparent, anti-static LNP stat loy composite material will greatly improve the design flexibility to manufacture efficient inhalation devices, so as to optimize the dosage of patients, improve safety, and significantly reduce the system system Manufacturing costs. "

static electricity will pose a great threat to the effective use of various inhalation devices, which will make small drug particles carry static charges, and then adsorb to the device and cannot enter the patient's body. LNP stat loy composite of saber basic innovative plastic provides inherent permanent antistatic performance, which can effectively make all doses of powder or aerosol enter the patient's body each time, improving the safety and treatment effect. Unlike the old-fashioned suction device that uses paint to control electrostatic charge, the antistatic properties of this stat loy composite do not require expensive secondary operation

lnp stat loy composites are suitable for non transparent resins, such as nylon 6, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), Polyoxymethylene (POM) and polypropylene (PP), enabling manufacturers to combine non transparent and transparent components in the process of design or function improvement

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