The latest adhesives can be used in wet environmen

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New adhesive can be used in wet environment

recently, the elastic modulus of peek in materials science at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is very close to that of bone, and researchers at the school of engineering have invented a new adhesive. The adhesive has electric viscosity that hardens under the action of voltage, and can be used in wet and humid conditions

this new type of binder is formed by grafting hydrogels composed of carbon molecules onto tree shaped molecules. When exposed to electricity, carbon reacts, can be connected to the surface of any substance, and is released, so that the binder can function under wet conditions. And its hardness is no different from that of ordinary plastics in appearance, which can be adjusted according to voltage. This unique electric viscosity makes it applicable to different fields, such as manufacturing underwater vessels, repairing submarine pipelines or as surgical tools

another characteristic of this new adhesive is that its viscosity is reversible, and it can be recycled, reused or remanufactured into new parts to guide enterprises to bear social responsibility, thus reducing waste and avoiding energy consumption. It can be used as fastening bolts, nuts and screws in the assembly of automobile manufacturers and shipyards

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