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A brief review of polyester Market in Changyi raw material market in one week (6..09)

the rise and fall of various products in Changyi market this week is quite different from that of last week. Polyester products that performed well last week have a stable market this week and did not rise, while cotton yarn, which has been performing more generally recently, has rebounded this week, with a breakthrough in price, but the total sales volume is not strong

polyester market remained stable this week, and sales volume did not fluctuate greatly. The cost is low. At present, the central prices of 100D DTY, winding wire, POY multi hole and FDY in Changyi market are 14600 yuan/ton respectively. The influence of the deviation of the experimental axial force on the test results. The vertical axis of the piston of the experimental machine should coincide with the vertical axis of the experimental machine 15900 yuan/ton, 13100 yuan/ton and 13100 yuan/ton; The current central prices of DTY, winding wire, POY porous and FDY of 150D are 13700 yuan/ton, 14400 yuan/ton, 12300 yuan/ton and 12900 yuan/ton respectively; The current central prices of DTY, winding wire and FDY of 300D are 12900 yuan/ton, 13100 yuan/ton and 12800 yuan/ton respectively

in general, bamboo powder, a cotton yarn product in Changyi market, performed well in the early heating price this week, while polyester yarn and polyester yarn products performed generally. In terms of sales, all kinds of products did not perform strongly. A well-known foreign-funded enterprise launched another sustainability measure - Eco label. For the price rise of cotton yarn products during the off-season, some merchants explained that the main reason should be the low output, especially spinning products such as c32s and c40s, which have high technical requirements and low output, so the price rise is also relatively large. Although the prices of some products have increased, after all, cotton yarn is in the off-season, so the sales volume is not as gratifying as the price, and the performance is still as unsatisfactory as in previous weeks. Polyester products have remained stable this week after a small increase last week, and the sales volume has not increased. However, due to the rise in international oil prices, it is expected that there may be a small increase in the near future

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