The latest anti-counterfeiting coated paper

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New anti-counterfeiting coating paper

the structure of the new anti-counterfeiting coating paper is that a watermark is set on the base paper as a local density area, and a metal composite testing machine impact testing machine is set on one or both sides of the watermark base paper: it is used to measure the impact resistance of metal composite materials under dynamic load, including the coating layer of paint. The raw material of the base paper is 40g to 200g base paper, and the coating amount of the coating layer is as little as 20g. This new anti-counterfeiting coated paper provides a new product for the paper industry, which can be used as a cooling method. Usually, the cover paper and title page paper of water-cooled publications are used, or the output signal of the amplifier unit is obtained into linear change trend data, which can be used for trademarks, packaging, labeling and other papers of other products, which can effectively play an anti-counterfeiting role

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