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Yashi helped rebuild the Capital Gymnasium: "cheer for the Olympics, cheer for China"

Yashi helped rebuild the Capital Gymnasium: "cheer for the Olympics, cheer for China"

December 03, 2020

based on two force pillars, use a dial gauge to measure

the pace of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is getting closer and closer. The builders of Olympic projects inherit the Olympic spirit and work day and night for "one dream". After more than a year of intensive construction, the reconstruction and expansion project of the capital stadium, an important venue for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, has come to an end

adhering to the concept of "Green Olympics", Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has always adhered to the principles of green, low carbon and sustainability from its bid to its preparation. It is precisely because it is highly in line with the idea of hosting the Olympic Games that Yashi once again helped rebuild the capital gymnasium after the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

carry forward the past and forge ahead, and help the capital gymnasium to make a new face

the capital gymnasium was completed in 1968. After serving the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games, this historical venue has changed its identity again. It will undertake two important competition tasks, short track speed skating and figure skating, to create "the most beautiful ice". In this reconstruction and expansion project, Yashi has once again become the designated supplier of the capital gymnasium to provide the water-based epoxy flat coating floor system for the grandstand area of the venue

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is the first winter Olympics held in China, which has attracted much attention. The construction of Olympic venues has attracted the extensive participation of world-renowned suppliers in the practical use of electronic universal rally machines. Yashi water-based epoxy flat coating floor system stands out with its excellent performance of safety and environmental protection, skid resistance, super wear resistance, strong damage resistance, durability, easy construction, rich colors and so on, contributing to the inheritance of the "Olympic heritage" and the promotion of green and sustainable construction of venues

Yashi water-based epoxy flat coating floor system is applied to the grandstand area of the capital gymnasium

Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Yashi EPS external wall insulation system (external wall) and Yashi multi-functional core-shell elastic coating (internal wall of the training hall) are applied to the capital gymnasium

from the initial full function to the current beauty, environmental protection and function, Yashi floor is constantly upgraded towards the future of the industry. In the development process of nearly 20 years, Yashi flooring is dedicated to providing professional customized services for different fields and projects. While meeting various needs of customers, it can also improve the service life of the flooring, reduce the overall cost of the flooring, and achieve the best cost performance ratio

"sustainable · towards the future" and make life better

"sustainable · towards the future" - the sustainability vision put forward by the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing responds to the Olympic concept of "building a better world through sports". The capital gymnasium can not only create a dream competition experience during the short track speed skating and figure skating competitions, but also serve as the command center of China's ice and snow sports in the future, shouldering the important task of popularizing and promoting mass ice and snow sports

Yashi's corporate vision of "facing many user queries, giving impetus to the new era, building a sustainable development ecosystem, and making the enterprise evergreen" coincides with the vision of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Yashi will continue to be a better home life service provider in the new era through the integration of manufacturing and service, resonate with the new era and serve a better life

the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be a "wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding" Olympic event. Participating in the construction of Olympic venues is not only the due responsibility of enterprises to serve the development of the country, but also an important stage to show brand strength. Yashi will live up to his great trust, cheer for the Olympic Games, cheer for China, witness the historic moment of Chinese sports with the capital gymnasium, and show the world the great power style of national brands

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