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Artesyn embedded technologies announced the launch of a new maxcore micro computing and acceleration platform, which is characterized by compact appearance but complete functions, and can support baseband data processing of small base stations, flexible video streaming/coding, video monitoring Monitoring systems with bump in the wire configuration are used in various applications, such as industrial computing. This computing and acceleration platform called maxcoretm micro is a very cost-effective enterprise computing system. In addition to a master server card, its chassis also reserves an additional slot for inserting any PCI Express card. Customers can use the PCIe card of Yatsen technology or the third-party plug-in card with batch supply, so as to provide special functions for special applications; Users can also use PCIe cards to build a fully functional application platform

maxcore micro computing and acceleration platform

maxcore micro platform can be used alone as a complete and self-contained system. Because of its compact appearance, users can arrange three chassis together and install them in a 19 inch rack. In addition to being installed in a 19 inch rack, this platform can also be hung on the wall, and even suitable for many different operating environments. Although the chassis of maxcore micro platform is small, each slot can provide 150W power output, so users can use this platform with two plug-in cards with two built-in 12 core processors, such as sharpservertm pcie-7410 card of Yatsen technology, to form a multi maxcore micro chassis Each chassis is equipped with up to 48 Intel Xe. If there is a gap between the screw rods, the experimental data will be made in the future on the calculation and acceleration system of the d-core processor

Dan leih, the product manager of artson technology, said: we have been working closely with several major customers and hope to use the maxcore micro platform to provide them with solutions that can meet different application requirements. Through cooperative research, jointly building a Sino British cooperative research platform, mutual visits and exchanges, Fang4 Sichuan University and Bradford University in the UK. At present, there are many successful research and development projects, including the digital baseband unit (BBU) of the small base station virtual wireless access network (vran) and the video capture and coding system that meets the specification standard of efficient video coding (hevc). These should correctly handle the relationship between use, maintenance and repair. Examples show the high flexibility of this platform. In addition, another advantage of this platform is that even if there is no switch, the connection between different slots can be established through the PCIe interface, and the transmission rate can be as high as 50Gbps. Users can even make full use of PCIe cards that are available in bulk on the market

about Artesyn technology

Artesyn embedded technologies specializes in designing and producing stable and reliable power conversion and embedded computing products, which are suitable for many different industries, including communication, computing, medical, military, aerospace and industrial production. For more than 40 years, the customers of Yatsen technology have been convinced that the company can provide them with cost-effective and technologically advanced network computing and power conversion solutions, which have been successfully used in automobile lightweight and household lightweight, so that they can launch their products to the market faster and reduce investment risks. Yatsen technology has more than 16000 employees all over the world, and has ten advanced technology research and development centers and four world-class factories, with sales and technical support offices all over the world

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