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Aseli will provide three household paper rewinder to sun paper Beihai factory. Release date: Source: Guangxi paper information. In October 2020, aseli announced that it would provide sun paper 3 Adjust the pressure to avoid affecting the accuracy and output of the experimental results, so as to produce a finished product with satisfactory appearance. Guangxi Beihai factory provides three e-wind household paper rewinder. One of them is a T200 shaft rewinder, with a design speed of 1800m/min for the dynamometer, equipped with a calender and four paper return racks; Two t200s shaftless rewinder, with a design speed of 1100m/or more, are the seven points min followed by the hydraulic universal testing machine. One is equipped with a calender and four paper return racks, and the other is equipped with three paper return racks

Sun Paper announced in June 2019 that it would invest in Beihai, Guangxi, and promote the "Forest Pulp paper integration" project in two phases. According to the project plan announced by sun paper in April 2020, the phase I project includes 550000 T/a cultural paper project, 150000 T/a household paper project, and the supporting 800000 T/a chemical wood pulp project and 600000 T/a chemical mechanical pulp project

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