The hottest yarn exhibition is about to open, and

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The yarn exhibition is about to open, and the chemical fiber new and special products are gathering

the 2011 China International Textile yarn (spring and summer) exhibition is about to open. Recently, textile and clothing weekly interviewed Bo Guangming, Deputy Secretary General of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, and the heads of some participating enterprises to discuss topics such as exhibition organization, chemical fiber industry development and enterprise new product development

eight years of honing to achieve a great leap

"the yarn exhibition has been held for the eighth year now. Looking back on the development process, we can say that it has a rapid momentum and remarkable achievements." Bo Guangming recalled that the first yarn exhibition was held in Beijing in 2003, and it was difficult to start. At that time, only 40 enterprises participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of only fourorfive square meters. The product coverage was relatively narrow and the types were relatively few. After eight years of experience, nearly 100 exhibitors have participated in this yarn exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 5000 square meters. It can be said that the yarn exhibition has become mature, the scope of participation is gradually extensive, and the number of foreign businessmen is gradually rising. The transmission and circulation of products and market information at the exhibition is very fast, and it has become an important platform for the exhibition and exchange of new yarn products all over the world

the chemical fiber industry is an important part of the textile industry. At each yarn exhibition, chemical fiber enterprises have high enthusiasm to participate, and this exhibition is no exception. At this yarn exhibition, there are more than 20 chemical fiber enterprises, many of which are old exhibitors, such as Wujiang Xinmin, Jinhui and Hengli, who participate in the yarn exhibition almost every year, and each time they participate, they will bring new and special products independently developed

taking this yarn exhibition as an example, Hengli will focus on the differential polyester industry produced by the enterprise, which is directly connected with the motor, and the lead screw rotates with the rotation of the motor. As a well-known listed enterprise in the viscose industry, Shandong Hailong Co., Ltd. has products covering the whole chemical fiber industry chain. Every year, the exhibition will also bring a series of new and special products. In addition, Shuangliang spandex and Zhejiang meisbang have also brought their own new solutions, such as high chloride ion products. Bo Guangming said that these new products reflect the latest progress in tackling key scientific and technological problems in the chemical fiber industry in China today, where the local stress of the wedge-shaped mouth far exceeds the yield strength of the material

differentiation development is the future trend

talking about the future trend of the chemical fiber industry, Bo Guangming pointed out that differentiation is an important trend in the development of the chemical fiber industry. He analyzed that at present, China has become a well deserved large chemical fiber production country, and China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in terms of foreign trade export, and its volume and scale are firmly in the forefront of the world. However, it is an indisputable fact that for a long time, conventional chemical fiber products have accounted for the majority of the market, while high-end, refined and sophisticated differentiated products have a certain gap with developed countries. At the same time, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Under this background, it is particularly important to improve the differentiation level of products and meet the personalized needs of customers

Bo Guangming said that chemical fiber enterprises in developed countries in Europe and the United States attach great importance to the development of chemical fiber products, with more than 100 varieties produced every year, and the production of each variety does not exceed 5% of the total output. The high-performance differentiated fibers developed by countries such as Japan and South Korea have reached the level of the fourth generation of super simulated chemical fibers, while most of China's differentiated fibers are still at the level of the second generation, and there is a big gap with developed countries in the connotation of differentiated fibers. He said that we should face up to the gap between China and developed countries in the development of chemical fiber differentiation and catch up

Zheng Zhiyi, honorary president of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, once pointed out that the development direction of chemical fiber differentiation mainly includes four aspects, namely, high-performance differentiation, superfine denier, functionalization and compounding. High performance differentiation mainly refers to the development of "five imitation" fibers (super Imitation cotton, super imitation wool, silk, super imitation hemp and leather), so as to achieve the goal of super performance and super simulation. It is reported that at present, the differentiation level of China's chemical fiber industry has been close to 50%. After entering the "12th Five Year Plan", China Chemical Fiber Industry Association will further guide the majority of chemical fiber enterprises to take the road of differentiated development

at present, private chemical fiber enterprises account for more than half of China's chemical fiber industry in both quantity and scale. In the future, the development of chemical fiber differentiation must rely on the efforts of these enterprises, and at the same time, we should actively play the guiding and coordinating role of industry associations. Only when the two interact can we really improve the level of chemical fiber differentiation in China. The improvement of chemical fiber differentiation level can not only make enterprises take the lead in the fierce market competition, but also be conducive to the overall transformation and upgrading of the entire chemical fiber industry

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