The hottest Yaskawa Shougang robot appears in ciro

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YASKAWA Shougang robot appeared in ciros2012

it has been active in major professional exhibitions. Its shape can be divided into different sizes, and the composition of materials is various. Yaskawa Shougang robot, which brings a variety of high-tech products and systems, has been confirmed to appear in 2012 China (Shanghai) International Robot Exhibition (ciros2012). This time, they will present more new robots and demonstrate a variety of performance, so that the audience can have a feast for the eyes

Yaskawa Shougang robot Co., Ltd. (YSR for short), formerly known as Shougang Motoman robot Co., Ltd., has the highest annual output of Motoman robots in the world. It is widely used in arc welding, spot welding, gluing, cutting, handling, stacking, painting, scientific research and teaching. It can design and manufacture complete robot application systems according to users' needs, so as to be widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, ceramics It can realize overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, limit and other safety protection methods for the experimental machine; Construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgy, locomotives and other related manufacturing industries have been effectively utilized

Motoman of Anchuan Shougang is expected to show the new robot they researched and invented on site in C due to the convenience of rubber material modeling. By integrating the concept of short process, this kind of robot has more advanced world-class performance. It is also expected to make major changes in the internal size and cross-section of the welding chain link in the applicability design guide equipment layout. Motoman of Sichuan Shougang runs through the short process design concept to make it a possible robot body. It introduces 7-axis to improve the flexibility of action, and creates a slimming body in order to achieve a compact layout. On the other hand, they also make the short process possible. Dx100 control cabinet enables multiple robots to share a part of the space to improve the space utilization rate, and the coordination is also enhanced. It can control multiple robots at the same time to avoid collision. In addition, they also reduced the equipment space for safe area control. Such a complete set of processes is conducive to shortening the length of the production line and reducing the number of stations, which can greatly improve efficiency, save energy consumption and improve quality in actual operation, thus bringing huge benefits to customers

Yaskawa Shougang robot will let the audience appreciate these optimization characteristics in robot operation at this exhibition, show their latest research results, make the audience understand the mystery more deeply, and add a touch of brightness to the exhibition. (source:)

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