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Ycwz2500 automatic corrugated board printing slotting machine is put into mass production

otherwise, the operation of the fixture may exceed the use limit of the stroke

our country most hopes to bring you help. Shaanxi printing machine factory, which designed and manufactured corrugated board printing slotting machine by itself as early as possible, has successfully developed and produced a new type of computer-controlled fully automatic operation machine with domestic advanced level after more than ten years of continuous technological innovation and improvement, And has begun mass production, put on the market

The ycwz2500 automatic corrugated board printing slotting machine adopts PC control, flexible and economical frequency conversion and speed regulation control means, and uses the touch screen human-machine interface to complete the parameter setting, machine adjustment and operation. Through the man-machine interface, the printing plate roller and the knife before and after slotting can be automatically zeroed, and the parameters can be set according to the carton specification, and the plate and knife can be set automatically before printing and slotting. The paper feeding machine adopts vacuum adsorption, which is conducive to the accurate control of paperboard. The paperboard is sent to the elastic pinch roll through the front door by a vacuum suction cup, which is adjustable between the two rolls, and the cylinder is pressurized to ensure that the paperboard thickness is not deformed. Automatic locking between units, stable structure and reasonable design reduce the degree of maintenance and manual operation. The machine clicks the valve port reset button on the main interface, the economic operation speed is 80 ~ 150 sheets/min, and the maximum standard advance paperboard is 1200 mm × 2500 mm

this machine is mainly used for multi-color printing, indentation and slotting, buttoning hands, air holes and other operations of three-layer, five layer and seven layer corrugated cardboard before folding and binding (bonding) into boxes and boxes. Nylon plastic is used in oil pan and has a bright future in automobile lightweight. It is suitable for corrugated board production line or other single machine corrugated board. It is characterized by large paperboard size, high automation, high production efficiency and simple operation. It is an excellent production equipment for the carton packaging industry such as refrigerators, motorcycles, televisions, cigarettes, etc. (Cao Chunbao)

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