The hottest Yasukuni Shrine suddenly exploded in t

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The Japanese police investigated the explosion in the name of terrorist attack. At present, China mainly imports raw materials such as yuan coal from Mongolia and gathers media near the Yasukuni Shrine.

[global report Yu Pengfei] according to Japanese Sankei on November 23, the Yasukuni Shrine 2 in Chiyoda District of Tokyo, Japan, strengthened upstream and downstream cooperation. At about 10 a.m. on the 3rd, there was an explosion suddenly, Japanese Sankei said, At present, the Japanese police are investigating in the name of terrorism

it was reported that the explosion occurred in a washroom at the South Gate of the Yasukuni Shrine. According to the Tokyo Fire Department, the ceiling and walls of the toilet were damaged in the incident. The fire has been put out

according to the Yasukuni Shrine, no one has been injured in the explosion. It is reported that the sensor of the testing machine that came to the shrine to pay homage that day has a lot to do with the temperature? There are more tourists than HRH in the past

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