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Yaopi launched N-series Kevlar low

recently, it was learned from yaopi glass that after the launch of new products such as super insulating glass and antireflection glass, another new product newly developed by the company, N-series Kevlar Low-E coated glass, was launched recently

according to the introduction, this series of products are divided into high permeability Kegang Low-E products and sunshade Kegang Low-E products, which can respectively meet the needs of sunlight in the cold regions in the north and the blocking of ultraviolet radiation in the summer in the south, which are equipped with the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulators. N series Low-E coated steel glass adopts vacuum magnetron sputtering coating technology. It is an efficient building energy-saving product. With its high visible light transmittance and extremely low solar radiation, it is increasingly recognized by the market. The test results show that compared with the traditional Low-E products, 4 is the quality reliability. It not only has the quality of solid and wear-resistant film, strong acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, UV radiation resistance, but also has an ultra long shelf life. It can easily toughen, hot bend, simple operation and other advantages. It can effectively improve the processing performance and processing yield. It is a new bright spot in Low-E products of Kegang. This series of products can be applied to the energy conservation of residential doors and windows, which is the stability of coordination. Hollow glass, curtain wall energy-saving hollow glass, bent tempered hollow glass and other fields

the launch of this series of products has further enriched the product categories of yaopi glass, consolidated and improved the comprehensive competitive strength of yaopi glass in the glass industry with China's demand of about 3500kt

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