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"Yaopi glass, yaopi B shares" announced the announcement of the board of directors and supervisors

Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Co., Ltd. held the 25th session of the board of directors and the 17th session of the 5th session of the board of supervisors on April 22, 2009. The meeting considered and adopted the following resolutions:

first, the company's 2008 annual report and its summary of recycled plastic bags were adopted

II. The company's profit distribution plan for 2008 was passed: it is proposed to distribute 0 for every 10 shares based on the total capital stock at the end of 2008. 20 yuan (including tax). B-share dividends shall be converted according to the central parity rate of USD/RMB trading announced by the people's Bank of China within working days after the general meeting of shareholders

III. pass the company's leading quarterly report in 2009

IV. pass the proposal to reappoint Shanghai Shanghui certified public accountants Co., Ltd. as the company's external auditor in 2009

v. pass the proposal on the prediction of daily connected transactions in 2009: it is estimated that the total amount of daily connected transactions of the company in 2009 will be about 147.03 million yuan, of which: the company will pay related parties about 25.58 million yuan to purchase products; The parent company and its subsidiaries will pay the related parties the technical service fee of 10.39 million yuan, which is about 10.39 million yuan; The subsidiary paid related license fees of 5million euros, equipment funds of 6.27 million euros and 850000 pounds to related parties

VI. pass the proposal on the general election of the board of directors and the board of supervisors with good stability and the nomination of candidates for the sixth board of directors, directors of the board of supervisors, independent directors and supervisors on behalf of shareholders in terms of cost performance

VII. The limit that the company can use for investment and wealth management is approved to be RMB 500million, of which the limit for special account wealth management is no more than RMB 200million, and the rest can be used to purchase new shares or low-risk wealth management products approved to be issued by financial institutions. The term of the above investment and wealth management is until June 2010

VIII. Pass the proposal on Amending the articles of association

IX. agree to continue to provide guarantee for the loan of the subsidiary Shanghai yaopi Kangqiao Auto Glass Co., Ltd. with an amount not exceeding 36.08 million yuan, until December 31, 2010

the above matters need to be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders of the company for deliberation

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