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YASKAWA Shougang robot sincerely invites you to participate in the IARS exhibition

Introduction to the exhibition

China (South China) International Robot and Automation Exhibition (IARS) (hereinafter referred to as the South China Exhibition) is an international event with automation products and technologies as the core, intelligent hardware in addition to staff placement difficulties, intelligent equipment and core components of industrial robots based on industrial machines, and intelligent manufacturing overall solutions for industry applications

global robot and automation brand manufacturers gather

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exhibition outlook

this time, Yaskawa Shougang robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: YSR) focuses on the demand of the South China market, automated intelligent product display and intelligent manufacturing solutions. This time, a total of five industrial automation robot systems are displayed, including:

Introduction to key products

robot intelligent force control grinding system

main configuration:

robot mh12

intelligent floating grinding head

piece placement table and workpiece (bathroom products)

display content:

robot loads intelligent floating grinding head to perform constant force grinding demonstration on bathroom workpiece. This grinding head adopts force sensing + servo air pressure floating technology, Ensure good constant force grinding effect. The intelligent floating grinding head can develop functions such as grinding while scanning, trajectory correction, workpiece discrimination, etc. according to customer needs

dual arm robot intelligent assembly system

main configuration:

robot sda10

3d vision system

production process monitoring software

assembly workpiece: toy car

display content:

the system can intelligently customize and complete the assembly of toy cars. The robot sda10 has two arms and consists of 15 axes, which can flexibly and harmoniously complete the humanoid action with small experimental stroke

in this system, the audience can place an order through the tablet computer, customize their favorite toy models and sign their names. The robot, combined with the 3D smart camera, selects the parts of the corresponding model in the material frame, completes the assembly of the toy car with the combined action of both hands and Fixtures, and uses the inkjet printer to spray and sign the toy car. Finally, the robot will deliver the customized toys to the audience

the production process monitoring and management software of the system can support ordering, and the production monitoring, product traceability, database management and other investment scope functions of the steel structure residence can be wider, so as to meet the needs of the intelligent production line for the robot system

ysr looks forward to meeting you

may, 2019, see you

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