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The instrument industry calls for safety certification system

Guide: up to now, functional safety and safety instrument technology have long been familiar in foreign countries, but it is still a new field for the Chinese market. How to develop safety instruments is still difficult for some Chinese enterprises

with the continuous development of economy and technology, during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the instrument and meter industry also showed a face of rapid change. According to the data, during the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's GDP grew at an average annual rate of 11.2%, while the instrumentation industry achieved an ultra-high annual growth rate of 20%, which really delighted the instrumentalists

although China's instrument industry has achieved rapid development, many problems still plague its development, such as lack of core technology, insufficient reliability and safety of products, insufficient R & D power of enterprises, etc. These problems will also be the problems to be overcome by our instrument industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the reason why the instrument and meter industry can develop so rapidly lies in the following aspects: first, the rapid development of the entire national economy and the further deepening of the integration of industrialization and industrialization have driven the demand for automation in various economic fields, thus bringing about the prosperity of the instrument and meter industry. Specifically, the implementation of national key engineering projects and the highlighting of issues related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, such as food and pharmaceutical safety, have provided opportunities for instruments and meters that play a vital role in the intelligentization of manufacturing equipment, automation of production process, and quality supervision and quarantine. Secondly, during the 11th Five Year Plan period, the domestic instrument technology has been significantly improved, resulting in the gradual replacement of some foreign market shares by the domestic market, increasing the market share of domestic instruments. Third, the demand for instruments and meters in the Chinese market has made many multinational companies attach great importance to the cake of the Chinese market, and more and more foreign enterprises have begun to set up factories in China. Since then, the imported products have been transformed into localized production, which has expanded the market scale of the instrument industry to a certain extent

however, with the continuous deterioration of the international economic environment and the unstable factors of the domestic market environment, such as the overcapacity in the steel, cement, glass and other industries, and the potential safety hazards exposed in the fields of wind power, solar energy, rail transit and food, the instrument industry also began to show a cooling trend. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, how the instrument industry will develop has become the focus of the industry

lack of core technology and worrying market competition

although under the guidance of the national macro-control policy, China's instrument industry has achieved unprecedented rapid development in recent years, the lack of core technology and the fact that high-end products still rely on foreign imports have made China's instrument industry face a severe test

in a recent exchange, dongjingchen, consultant of China Instrument and meter industry association, pointed out to: in fact, it has been seen for a long time that the small, scattered and disorderly situation of enterprises in the instrument and meter industry is one of the important reasons hindering the development of the industry. However, in the period of rapid economic development, the market demand is very large, and the products produced by small, scattered and disorderly enterprises can also be sold. Therefore, enterprises have no power and demand to change this situation. In fact, the disorderly competition in the market economy really needs to buy a part of the current situation of the instrument industry. However, due to the weak strength of the enterprise, the investment in technology research and development and manufacturing process is seriously insufficient, which is the main reason why there is still a big gap between domestic products and foreign products

in this regard, Mr. Tu Shenghua, manager of instrument maintenance department of Fujian Lianhe Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fujian Lianhua), disclosed to us that at present, there is still a certain gap between domestic instrument enterprises and large foreign enterprises, especially in product performance. For our petroleum and petrochemical industry, we will pay more attention to the reliability and safety of products, and foreign technologies can better ensure the stability of our production process. Therefore, when choosing partners, we prefer to choose foreign enterprises with high products and reliability

indeed, Mr. tushenghua's concerns are exactly what most users are worried about. Up to now, most of the technologies and product R & D of China's instrument industry are still in the state of tracking foreign countries, and there are few technologies that can be PK with international well-known enterprises in China. Therefore, when users choose products, although domestic enterprises occupy part of the market by virtue of price advantage, they are in front of other materials with a structure similar to Dirac energy band in large projects, The lack of technology of domestic enterprises makes them inevitably passive in the face of competition, and the pressure of market competition is doubled

in this regard, consultant dongjingchen pointed out that the improvement of Chinese enterprises' own connotation will become a necessary condition for them to compete with international brands in the future

There is no doubt that with the further development of the market economy and the deepening of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, industrial users' demand for the instrument industry will continue to increase. The 12th Five year plan clearly puts forward the green and intelligent road of equipment manufacturing industry, which undoubtedly provides an excellent development opportunity for the instrument industry, especially for Chinese enterprises

Miao Xueqin, a professor level senior engineer of Shanghai Institute of industrial automation and instrumentation, pointed out that in the future, the development of the instrumentation industry will be a transformation to networking and intelligence

in the communication with consultant dongjingchen, he also proposed that sensors and sensing systems, intelligent instruments, control systems and robots will become the development focus of the instrument industry. This coincides with what Miao 36's experts say about intelligence

from the perspective of the 12th Five Year Plan, for a long time to come, strategic emerging industries will be strongly supported by national policies, and the new generation information technology industry is undoubtedly one of them. As a new generation of information industry with IOT and cloud computing as the core, it is bound to promote the development of the instrument industry. As the basic component of IOT, the future development of sensors will be concerned by many parties, especially in the high-end technology fields such as sensor intelligent technology, sensor network technology, miniaturization and low power consumption technology, sensor array and the design, manufacturing and packaging technology of multi-functional and multi-sensor parameter sensors, It will certainly lead to a technological revolution in the instrument industry, and thus a global leading comprehensive multinational corporation focusing on products in the three major fields of materials, housing and health will hasten the construction of intelligent factories

in fact, it is far more than the innovation of IOT technology. In the process of communicating with Miao Xueqin, he also said that in the future, wireless communication technology and industrial software technology will become the key development direction of the instrument industry. He pointed out that the current development of wireless technology has reached the level of wired technology, and there are always some insurmountable technical defects in wired fieldbus, which can completely solve the problem through wireless communication technology, that is, to build a field network with wireless technology. According to Miao Xueqin, in the future, the application growth rate of wireless communication technology in the field of industrial automation will show a substantial increase of 40% per year. It can be seen that the formulation of industrial wireless communication network standards, as well as the R & D and certification technology of industrial wireless communication network will also become the focus of the domestic instrument industry in the future

on the aspect of industrial software platform technology, Miao Xueqin pointed out that before, industrial software was divided into industrial automation software and full life cycle management software. In the future, these two software will be programmed and run on a unified engineering technology platform, so as to achieve integration, improve programming efficiency and shorten the engineering cycle. The launch of Siemens TIA bodu conforms to this technical trend

in addition, consultant dongjingchen also talked about his optimistic attitude towards motion control, visual recognition technology, servo drive, servo motor and other industries. With the continuous development of these technologies, it is not difficult for us to foresee that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the technology of the instrument industry will inevitably show a trend of flowers competing for beauty, and the new industry scene of casting by Chinese instrument enterprises is just around the corner

the establishment of a unified system for the continuous rise of safety will be the focus

in recent years, the topic of safety seems to be never lacking. Whether it is the food safety crisis caused by the dairy industry, or the safety production accidents that have occurred successively in the rail transit, petroleum and petrochemical, wind power and other industries, safety has been placed at the forefront of the storm to a certain extent

perhaps because of the repeated attention of the media and the public to the topic of safety, the rising safety problem makes safety production particularly important in this period. On october14,2011, the general office of the State Council officially issued the 12th Five Year Plan for work safety. The third item in the column of its main tasks also proposes to establish a safety technology innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented and the combination of government, industry, University, research and application. As for the instrument industry, functional safety technology and safety instruments, as one of the most popular technical research topics in the world, are prominently listed in the 12th Five Year Plan of the instrument industry

it is understood that at present, China's large-scale petrochemical engineering construction projects have stipulated that functional safety assessment must be carried out in advance. In the communication with Mr. tushenghua, the fact that he frequently mentioned the safety and reliability of instruments and meters is the best evidence. He pointed out that as a strategic special industry, the petroleum industry has safety and reliability as the development theme, and the design and application of multiple redundant control technology, redundant measurement and its actuator will be the key research and development direction of safety instruments in the petroleum and petrochemical industry

obviously, it is not only the petroleum and petrochemical industry, but also the industry consensus that safety instruments will penetrate into various fields in the future. In this regard, Miao Xueqin made it clear that the functional security and information security of industrial automation systems will be highly valued by all parties

indeed, it is obviously not a long-term plan for China to rely on German T V and other certification agencies for product safety certification. However, there is such a phenomenon in the current Chinese market. With the continuous warming of security, all walks of life are doing their own security certification. Although this itself well shows that Chinese industry users have recognized the importance of security in production, it also increases the difficulty of establishing a unified security certification system in China in the future to a certain extent. It can be seen that there is still a long way to go for Chinese users to establish a unified security authentication system in the future

up to now, the technology of functional safety and safety instruments has long been familiar in foreign countries, but it is still a new field for the Chinese market. How to develop safety instruments is still difficult for some Chinese enterprises. In this regard, dongjingchen pointed out that functional safety certification is not only a quantitative indicator, but also runs through the whole process of product design and manufacturing. Its particularity lies in the requirement that every step of the whole process should meet the requirements of functional safety from the beginning of research and development. In the process of safety certification, the hardware and software of the product must be open to the certification authority. Therefore, for the certification body, the product is no secret. But at present our country

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