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Agencies follow the US stock paper sector and the paper industry continues to recover

recently, Jefferies, a US market analysis company, raised the performance forecast of international paper (nyse:ip), raised its target price from US $52 to US $60, and continued to maintain its buy rating. At the same time, Jefferies also raised the performance expectation and target price of packaging Corp of America (NYS, a thermoplastic composite door made of qee-tech 3D preform, only consists of 6 parts e:pkg) and rock Tenn company (nyse: stretching, tearing and peeling RKT). On the disk, the share prices of relevant US stocks also showed a pattern of continuous rising. It is reported that the judgment of research institutions that the fundamentals of the global packaging paper market are gradually warming is the fundamental reason to support the rise of US paper stocks

paper stocks continued to climb

on Tuesday, us time, due to the recent increase in performance expectations and target prices of paper stocks by several research institutions, individual US paper stocks returned to the upward trend after Monday's sharp decline, including kapstone paper (KS) up 6.87%, Verso paper (VRS) up 5.13%, International Paper (IP) up 4.70%, packaging paper company (PKG) up 4.19% and rock Tenn (RKT) up 3.95%, Boise shares (BZ) rose 2.89%

on Tuesday, the US stock market rebounded strongly due to the strong newly released data on housing starts and the better than expected earnings of Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson and other enterprises. Although it failed to fully recover Monday's losses, the S & P 500 index still recorded the second largest one-day increase this year, up 1.43%. In the context of the overall good performance of the market, paper stocks rose on the trend

in fact, since this year, the US packaging paper sector has continued to strengthen. As of April 16, U.S. time, the leading international paper (IP) in the packaging paper industry sector rose by 19.15% in 2013, and rock Tenn (RKT) performed more prominently, rising by 28.61% in 2013

packaging paper industry is favored by institutions

recently, Jefferies, an American market analysis company, pointed out that in view of the tight relationship between supply and demand, packaging paper prices will continue to rise. The analysts of the company said in their investment suggestions that under the current tight market demand, the price of steel for hardboard will continue to rise by US $50 per ton

at the same time, Macquarie released a report that the fundamentals of the global packaging paper market are gradually warming, and it is expected that the global cardboard market price will continue to rise in the second half of the year. According to the analysis, the positive outlook of research institutions for the packaging paper industry is the main reason to support the continued strength of U.S. stocks

international paper is a well deserved leader in the packaging paper sector. The company is one of the world's largest producers of paper products and packaging products, with businesses in North America, Europe, Latin America, Russia, Asia and North Africa. The current market value of the company has reached US $21billion. The stock price of the company has risen 38% in the past year and 16.95% in the past three months

according to the financial data released by the company at the end of January this year, its profit in the fourth quarter of last year fell 16% year-on-year to US $235million, which was mainly affected by the restructuring expenses and rising costs Force value accuracy: 0.5% quarterly operating income increased by 11% year-on-year to USD 7.08 billion, and operating cash flow increased by 11.93% year-on-year to USD 713million, slightly higher than the average operating cash flow growth rate of the industry by 9.97%

according to the data provided by Bloomberg, the current P/E ratio of international paper is 19.95 times, and the forecast P/E ratio for 2012/2013 is 11.9 times. The market expects its earnings per share to be $3.99. However, Jefferies raised the earnings per share of international paper this year from $4.63 to $4.75, and packaging Corp's earnings per share forecast from $3.07 to $3.30

industry analysts believe that the company has stable share price and revenue growth performance and good operating cash flow. In particular, compared with other competitors in the same industry, the enterprise value/sales ratio to measure the company's future performance is significantly underestimated, so they are optimistic about its long-term growth prospects

on Tuesday, us time, Macquarie announced that it began to track and study the international paper industry. The initial rating was set to be better than the market, and the target price was $56. In previous reports disclosed by several institutions, they were optimistic about the share price of international paper companies. Keban capital reiterated the holding rating of the company's shares in the report issued on March 19; Argus reiterated its buy rating and raised its target price from $42 to $48; Bank of Montreal raised its target price from $48 to $56. In addition, since February this year, JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Canada, Longbow research and other institutions have successively upgraded the international paper industry

it is worth noting that the third point hedge fund under active investor Dan Loeb has recently released the company's open letter for the first quarter of 2013. Among them, the third point is the new position of hedge funds in international paper industry. The letter pointed out that the reason why he was optimistic about the international paper industry was that in his view, the company would generate new free capital flows, and the international paper industry would raise dividends

coincidentally, many research institutions are also very optimistic about the prospect of rock Tenn (RKT). Keban capital reiterated its holding rating in the report issued on March 19; Deutsche Bank raised its target price from $85 to $100 and continued to give a buy rating; Barclays raised its target price from $90 to $110, giving it an overweight rating. At present, the stock price of rock Tenn is $89.91, the P/E ratio is 20.60 times, the predicted P/E ratio is 14.16 times, and the market expects its earnings per share to be $6.35

analysts believe that under the collective pursuit of institutions, individual stocks in the packaging paper industry in US stocks will still maintain a strong pattern. On May 2, us time, international paper will release its first quarterly results, which will have a substantial impact on its share price

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