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Chongqing's instrument industry strives to achieve an output value of more than 10billion yuan in the "12th Five Year Plan". Recently, Chongqing issued the spirit of the decision on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries (GF [2010] No. 32), effectively accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries. The decision points out that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the general principle for Chongqing to develop strategic emerging industries is: "look at the world, plan scientifically, give full play to advantages, make breakthroughs in key areas, open up and introduce, make things out of nothing, innovate models, improve by leaps and bounds, lead and cluster development", create a new generation of information industry, with more than 20000 employees as important pillar industries, and expand and strengthen high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles Three advantageous industries of energy conservation and environmental protection, cultivate three leading industries of new materials, biology and new energy, implement the "210" industrial chain cluster construction scheme, build "2" global important bases for notebook computer and offshore data development and processing, cultivate communication equipment, integrated circuit and rail, and write other wonderful life road transportation equipment, new energy vehicles, environmental protection equipment, wind power equipment, light source equipment in the great practice of realizing the Chinese dream There are "10" hundred billion level "industrial clusters of new materials, instrumentation and biomedicine

by 2012, the output value of strategic emerging industries will exceed 400billion yuan, and the cold-rolled ribbed steel bar GB 13788 ⑵ 000 will account for more than 25% of the total industrial output value. By 2015, the output value of strategic emerging industries will exceed 1300billion yuan, accounting for about 40% of the city's total industrial output value, and the proportion of added value in GDP will increase to more than 20%, becoming the main body of the city's industry and the pillar of the national economy. The largest notebook computer base in Asia and the largest offshore data development and processing center in China will be built. Ten industrial clusters, including communication equipment, integrated circuits and rail transit equipment, will develop rapidly, and an important national strategic emerging industry base will be built

among them, the development of instrument industry cluster points out that Chongqing should give full play to the advantages of industrial cluster, become a leading enterprise, build a comprehensive intelligent instrument R & D and production base with the largest scale in China, complete product categories and the strongest complete system capacity, and strive to exceed 10billion yuan in 2015

relying on Silian and other enterprises, vigorously develop industrial automation instruments and systems, scientific instruments, various measuring instruments and related sensors, components and materials, and expand the scale of products such as networked high-intelligent transmitters, marine instruments, analytical instruments, level meters, pneumatic/electric actuators, new flow instruments and networked intelligent thermometers, electricity meters and water meters. Focus on the development of DCS distributed control system, fieldbus control system, new control system based on hybrid and non-linear technology, etc., and improve the integrated application and complete production capacity of intelligent instruments and meters. Actively build the national instrument functional material engineering center, create the National Intelligent Instrument Engineering Center, create the national intelligent instrument industry university research strategic alliance, and break through the key technologies such as new sensing, new man-machine interface, high reliability, and local integrated control with those deficiencies

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