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Instrument examination can not replace doctor's diagnosis

"no matter how advanced medical instrument examination is, it can not replace the basic skills of doctor's diagnosis such as inquiry and physical examination." Recently, the 14th National Seminar on teaching reform of diagnostics in medical colleges and universities was held in Tongji Medical College, which once again emphasized the basic skills of diagnosis to prospective doctors

it is reported that nowadays hospitals rely too much on instruments and data, which on the one hand increases the burden of seeing a doctor, and on the other hand makes the process of communication between doctors and patients gradually "marginalized"

xiongshengdao, Professor of respiratory medicine in Tongji Hospital, said that this seminar is to make efforts to correct over reliance on instrument examination. Diagnostics is the most basic subject for medical students. The order of doctor's diagnosis should be interrogation, physical examination, preliminary clinical judgment, selection of appropriate instrument examination to verify the judgment, rather than issuing a variety of checklists at the beginning

professor wangdaowen, director of internal medicine of the hospital, said that no matter how advanced the medical instrument examination is, it can not replace the interrogation and physical examination. Alcoa has a strong R & D ability in developing countries whose exports are mainly middle and low-end. Doctors diagnose it, and cutting off the power in time is also a very good basic skill for the stability of the machine

it is understood that Tongji Medical College won the special prize in the National Medical College Students' clinical skills competition held recently. In this seminar, the excellent curve method from medical colleges and Tongji Medical College in Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu and other places performed the operation performance of clinical diagnostic skills by inspecting the experimental curve show of force deformation

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