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Inspur server helped Zhejiang Rural Credit Union successfully transform to an IT integrated architecture

Inspur flagship two-way server nf5280m4 helped Zhejiang Rural Credit Union transform to a new generation of centralized and distributed architecture, opened a new model of banking business transformation, and successfully responded to the needs of Internet Finance and e-commerce

the new business model promotes the popularization of new IT architecture

with the rapid development of mobile Internet and e-commerce, the channels and scenarios of financial services are more abundant, and the client business and data are growing exponentially. Therefore, the financial industry is facing doubled access pressure and expanding elastic demand. The transformation of the financial industry requires its IT system to play a greater role in supporting multi-channel service collaboration, information sharing and linkage, and improving personalized and intelligent services

this requires basic hardware service providers to provide more effective support for financial customers in data storage, analysis and mining, data services, etc. One of the important contents is to promote the transformation of the user's information system from the traditional centralized architecture to the organic integration of centralized and distributed architecture

Zhejiang Rural Credit Union, a pioneer in financial it transformation

Zhejiang Rural Credit Union (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang Rural Credit Union) has set up offices in 11 prefectures and cities in the province, governing 81 rural credit unions, rural cooperative banks and rural commercial banks in counties (cities and districts), with more than 4100 business outlets. After several years of development, Zhejiang rural credit system has developed into a local financial institution with the largest number of employees, the widest service range and the largest capital scale in Zhejiang Province, undertaking 1/2 of the loans to farmers and 1/5 of the loans to small and micro enterprises in Zhejiang Province

at the same time, Zhejiang Rural Credit Union is also the unified science and technology center in Zhejiang Province, with more than 300 6. It has perfect limit protection function, overload, overcurrent protection, automatic shutdown of experimental fracture and other functional business and management systems, and has the production and disaster recovery system of two places and three centers. While actively promoting the dual core strategy of "Finance + Internet", Zhejiang Rural Credit Union has also continuously improved and optimized the underlying hardware equipment, and worked hard to create a digital banking support service system with high expansion, wide coverage and deep connection

virtual resource pool and good partner of vsan cluster

Zhejiang Rural Credit Union this time adopted the flagship two-way server nf5280m4 of Inspur to expand its own virtual resource pool, some of which are used to build customers' vsan clusters. The virtual resource pool has high requirements on the computing performance and expansion capacity of the support platform. In addition, considering the future business growth needs, the support platform must also prepare for the later upgrade and expansion

nf5280m4 is a two-way high-end rack server product optimized by Inspur for the new data center. It adopts Intel Xeon E5 V4 processor, supports the new intelligent computing acceleration technology, supports DDR4 memory, can be expanded to 3.0tb at most, and greatly improves the computing performance; The nf5280m4 can also support up to 29 2.5-inch hard disks, with a single machine up to 50tb of storage capacity. Customers can manage 29 disk arrays with only one raid card, which brings convenience to users' later storage space expansion

in addition, Inspur nf5280m4 also supports PCIe SSD accelerator cards, eliminating storage bottlenecks and greatly improving storage performance with the latest hard disk interface technology; The optimal ratio of ssd+hdd and the linear improvement of IO performance and storage capacity enable vsan clusters to choose between the minimum and maximum values according to their own needs, so as to obtain the best capacity/performance ratio, so as to fully meet the data calculation and storage requirements of Zhejiang Rural Credit Union

the above points of Inspur nf5280m4 are some suggestions on changing the use of fatigue testing machine. Inspur f-lom technology can be used to realize high-speed networking i/o, and 8 standard high-speed PCI-E 3.0 expansion. This will also provide the extruder industry with an inexhaustible development power slot and a dedicated PCI-E expansion slot. The 6 are not only long and high-speed cards in the Chinese market. The flexible scalability can meet the needs of massive data collection, screening, query and analysis. In addition, Langchao's high-quality service has also become a key point to impress customers. Langchao provides 7*24*2 service response, brings spare parts to the scene within 2 hours, stands by for customers' business at any time, and escorts the safety of people's property

new source of financial reform

relying on Inspur two-way server, Zhejiang Rural Credit Union has successfully transformed into a new generation of architecture that organically integrates centralized and distributed architecture, opening a new mode of banking business reform, improving business processing efficiency by 30%, easily supporting multi-channel service collaboration, realizing information sharing and linkage, and improving the personalized and intelligent level of services

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