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Instruments have become a short board that restricts the development of scientific research in China. The importance of instruments to scientific research is self-evident. It can be said that the development of scientific research is driven by instruments to a certain extent. However, instruments are a short board that restricts the development of scientific research in China. The specific manifestations are as follows:

1. Instruments at home and abroad enter in a large scale, and domestic instruments are struggling. At the 14th Beijing Scientific Instrument Exhibition, which ended not long ago, the number of foreign exhibitors is about 1/3, while the booth area is about 1/2; In terms of variety, there are not only large-scale instruments such as atomic absorption spectrometry and X-ray diffractometer, but also small-scale instruments such as thermostatic bath and sampler. In terms of quality, domestic instruments are far behind foreign ones only in appearance. In the actual scientific research activities, taking the instruments required for nuclear physics research as an example, high-purity germanium detectors, semiconductor detectors, dose monitors, nuclear electronics modules, energy spectrometers, oscilloscopes, precision high-voltage power supplies, etc., foreign products occupy an overwhelming advantage, the scale of domestic manufacturers is shrinking, the market share is getting smaller and smaller, and even go bankrupt directly

7. Functional accessories of experimental instruments and experimental instruments related to experimental instruments; 2. It has become a habit for researchers to give priority to foreign instruments. China's scientific research as a whole does not lack money. In this case, considering that many domestic instruments are cheap but of low quality, purchasing from abroad has become a priority and implementation. To a certain extent, China's scientific research activities have supported the business performance of foreign instrument manufacturers. If we can count the proportion of foreign instruments purchased each year in the instruments purchased that year, we can clearly see the gap in instruments

whether China's scientific research development can be based on the relevant standards of foreign instruments: instruments. It seems that China can meet the needs of domestic scientific research in the short term, but in the long term, foreign instruments are by no means a strong pillar to support the leapfrog development of China's scientific research. The reasons are as follows: the main instrument producing countries in the world are the United States, Japan, the European Union and Russia, and some of their high-precision instruments are restricted to China; Cutting edge scientific research needs more customized non-standard instruments from instrument manufacturers, and research is carried out by purchasing mature commodities. Some research can only follow the bottom of foreign countries; The international situation is complex and changeable. Now you can purchase ceramic tiles, but you may not be able to purchase ceramic tiles in the future. Part 3: fine stoneware tiles gb/t4100.3 ⑴ 999

therefore, the instrument must consider self-reliance. Without vigorously developing the instrument, the instrument will become a weakness in China's scientific research and development. A scientific research power must also be an instrument power, as is the case in the United States, Japan and Germany. On the contrary, it is difficult to become a scientific research power if it is not an instrument power. Even if your scientific research scale is large, it is actually just a castle built on the beach

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