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Instant messaging line has more than 400million global users

instant messaging line has more than 400million global users

-- there are ten countries with up to 10million users, including the United States, Mexico and other places

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leading the global real-time mobile messaging and social networking service platform line, which is listed in 5 The total number of global registered users on the electromechanical model yd100l 0.85/1.5kw RPM platform has exceeded 400million

Since its launch on June 23, 2011, line has developed into a global communication platform, allowing users to communicate with each other through voice, video calls, maps and text messages

line has long been popular in Spain, Southeast Asia and other countries. With the rapid growth in the number of users in North America and other European countries, the total number of registered users in the world exceeded 300million on on November 11, 2013. The food packaging film (including large and small packaging) produced with the new brand of iquid XP has excellent toughness and heat sealing performance. At the same time, the number of new users registered by line every day also reached about 1.7 million, breaking the overall downward record of the dry bulk shipping market on the 8th, which just shows that line has been growing rapidly in the world. This trend continued after the number of line users exceeded 300million, and officially broke the 400million mark on April 1 in just four months. This has also increased the number of countries with more than 10million registered line users to 10, including the United States, South Korea, Malaysia and Mexico

with the increasing number of line registered users, the number of line messages has also increased. Since there was no human error in 2014, the number of messages processed by line every day has been increasing, including up to 10 billion messages and 1.8 billion maps sent by users every day, and 12 million voice calls

line continues to add various new functions, including the line call service launched in February this year, which allows users to call both fixed and mobile phones at very favorable prices. In addition, the line creators market allows users to design and sell their own original maps. Line hopes to provide users with more new services. It also plans to develop line from an intelligent communication infrastructure to an intelligent platform

ryo Morikawa, CEO of line Corporation, said: "Our goal in 2014 is to increase the number of line users worldwide to more than 500million. Today, the number of line users has reached 400million, which is a new milestone. I sincerely thank our users and supporters for their active support in the past year. With the rapid popularization of intelligence, the global market competition for intelligent communication applications has also become white hot, and the intensity is rising day by day. We firmly believe that this just shows that information services have become a key component of the mobile market Focus, but also show the value of the service. Therefore, line will meet all the challenges in the future, make continuous progress towards its goals, and continue to strive to make the software become the world's leading communication infrastructure. "

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