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Since the approval of the establishment of the renewable energy demonstration zone, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, has made great efforts to develop wind power, photovoltaic, solar thermal and biomass power generation and other related industries. The installed capacity of renewable energy has expanded from 8.445 million KW at the end of 2015 to 11.712 million KW today, marking that Zhangjiakou has entered a new stage of large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy

the exploitable wind energy resource reserves in Zhangjiakou City are more than 40million kW, the exploitable solar energy is more than 30million kW, and the annual output of biomass resources is more than 2million tons. The rich resource conditions provide a good foundation for the development and utilization of renewable energy. Relying on its advantages, Zhangjiakou focuses on the preparation of special plans for renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy, and takes the vigorous development of renewable energy as the main direction to promote industrial transformation. The municipal Party committee and the municipal electromechanical stator test system issued the notice on Further Strengthening the development and construction management of renewable energy according to customer requirements for different vacuum management governments, The city has implemented centralized and unified management of wind and solar energy resources, set access conditions, further standardized the development and management of renewable energy resources, and formed a good operating mechanism. At the same time, relying on the powerful opportunity of the construction of renewable energy demonstration zone, Zhangjiakou City has introduced two methods, namely, quantitative optimization of photovoltaic enterprises and quantitative optimization of wind power enterprises, which have attracted the attention of many well-known domestic enterprises, and have shifted the focus of investment to Zhangjiakou City. China Huadian, China Datang, Three Gorges new energy, Hebei construction investment new energy, and yi300 is a fair way to update food contact materials for the benefit of resources, Zhonghuan shares Huaqiang Zhaoyang and other state-owned and private enterprises have a strong momentum of development in Zhangjiakou, providing a strong driving force for the large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy in Zhangjiakou

as a key livelihood project of Zhangjiakou, the PV poverty alleviation project without odor has made a breakthrough. With the support of relevant national policies, Zhangjiakou has carried out PV agricultural poverty alleviation by taking advantage of barren mountains and slopes, agricultural greenhouses, facility agriculture and other local conditions. The poverty alleviation power station has been built and generated with an installed capacity of 276240 kW, covering 34495 poor households

at present, the city's total installed capacity of wind power is 8.718 million KW, photovoltaic power is 2.954 million KW, solar thermal power is 15000 kW, biomass power is 25000 kW, and the total installed capacity of renewable energy is 11.712 million KW, accounting for 71% of the total installed capacity

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