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The inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded that imported food should pay attention to label printing. It was learned from Kunshan inspection and quarantine bureau that in October this year, when the Bureau inspected imported food from Taiwan, it found that 9 batches of food labels were unqualified, involving candy, cakes, beverages, etc

it is reported that since the implementation of the general rules for nutrition labels of prepackaged food on January 1 this year, Kunshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau has strengthened the compliance testing of food nutrition labels, and a total of 20 batches of unqualified labels have been found. It is mainly manifested in incomplete labeling of basic elements of labels, such as the lack of nutrition table; The use of food additives is not standardized, and the excessive use of additives exceeds the scope; There are false, exaggerated and misleading words or graphics in the label. For example, a certain milk sugar is basically unknown. Do you check whether the size contains protein; The nutrition labels are not standardized. For example, the nutrition labels should indicate the core nutrients, protein, fat, carbohydrate and sodium in order, while some products are reversed or omitted; The compliance test showed that the nutritional composition did not meet the standard

the main reasons for the above problems are as follows: first, most imported food enterprises still have the concept of valuing products and neglecting labels, do not treat food labels with the same height as food quality and safety, lack of training and understanding of relevant knowledge of imported commodity labels, and require a little knowledge of labels; Second, with the improvement of people's living standards and the impact of RMB appreciation, import trade has shown a good development trend. Many trade enterprises have transformed from export to import, and do not know much about the laws and regulations related to imported goods; Third, after the overseas production enterprises changed the ingredients or formulas, they did not change the nutrition table in time, resulting in the inconsistency between the labeled nutrition and the actual nutrition

for this reason, for thick wall plastic parts, the Bureau of quarantine of Kunshan suggests that the majority of food import enterprises, first, improve their understanding of the importance of labels, which are an integral part of the safety of prepackaged food; Second, strengthen training and learning, and be familiar with and master the laws, regulations and mandatory standards related to the labels of imported food; The third is to strengthen the label review. For foods with complex ingredients and involving many standard requirements, you can ask special agencies such as different buttons and control keys in the pressure testing machine to assist in the design review, so as to prevent unqualified food labels from flowing into the market from the source. Will affect the service life of the device

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