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Instrument calibration service information Changge

instrument calibration service information Changge

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instrument calibration service information Changge

WorldCom calibration company is authorized by the China National Accreditation Service for Accreditation (CNAs) and the international laboratory mutual recognition arrangement (ILAC MRA), and has passed ISO17025 international measurement principles. CNAs accreditation Code: l3170 After more than ten years of development, it has a registered capital of 10million yuan, a measurement calibration laboratory area of more than 10000 square meters, and more than 1000 sets of precision measurement standard equipment There are more than 100 on-the-job personnel, with a technical personnel team mainly composed of young and middle-aged backbone, with a reasonable age and seniority structure. Among the on-the-job employees, 70% are professional technicians, and more than 85% are technicians with bachelor degree or above CNAs has approved more than 300 projects, covering mechanics, length, quantity, weighing instrument, optics, electromagnetism, radio electricity, physics, chemistry, thermal engineering and other projects This calibration center can calibrate the above instruments and issue calibration/statements that meet the requirements of ISO, UL, TUV, 3C, CQC, CE and customer factory audit, Today, let's talk about the classification of dynamic tension machine and tension testing machine: test force form testing machine classification basic functions typical model change model torsion testing machine digital display electronic torsion testing machine dynamic testing machine torsion type torque tension compression fatigue testing machine torsion testing machine "display torsion spring testing machine recording torsion spring testing machine electronic torsion spring testing machine microcomputer controlled torsion spring testing machine tension compression tension compression fatigue testing machine high frequency tension Compressive fatigue testing machine low frequency tension compression fatigue testing electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine bending dome fatigue testing machine pure bending fatigue testing machine cantilever bending fatigue testing machine torsional torsional fatigue testing machine hydraulic torsional fatigue testing machine fatigue dynamic and static testing machine program control fatigue testing machine program control electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine pulsating hydraulic pulsating fatigue testing machine hydraulic pulsating fatigue testing machine Compound fatigue testing machine bending torsion compound fatigue testing machine hydraulic compound fatigue test electro-hydraulic servo? Combined fatigue testing machine thermal fatigue thermal fatigue testing electromechanical hydraulic servo thermal fatigue testing machine dung strain fatigue creep fatigue testing machine creep fatigue testing machine bending rubber bending fatigue testing machine rubber bending fatigue testing machine falling body impact drop hammer (ball) Impact testing machine drop hammer impact testing machine drop ball key material bubble Shenyang four bullet two-stage pendulum impact testing machine digital display impact testing machine high temperature impact testing machine low temperature impact testing machine high and low temperature impact testing machine impact pendulum impact testing machine (Charpy impact, Izod impact, bending impact) Oscillographic impact testing machine three purpose impact testing machine semi-automatic impact testing machine automatic impact testing machine cast iron impact testing machine instrumented impact testing machine tensile impact test dynamic energy impact multiple impact testing machine rotary disc impact testing machine glasses glass fiber reinforced plastic ball ejection impact tester can be seen from the above table

mechanical metrology calibration: tensile testing machine, push-pull meter, torque batch, torque tester, weight, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, micro differential pressure meter, electronic scale, weighbridge, durometer, electronic balance, impact testing machine, rupture strength testing machine, shoe peel strength testing machine, DIN abrasion testing machine, pressure sensor, load sensor, cement paste mixer, cement mortar activity tester, washing color fastness testing machine Color fastness tester for perspiration, fabric fuzzing and pilling tester

definition of instrument calibration: satisfied with the needs of shopping malls, truly implemented the training objectives of compound talents, and increased the investment in teaching instruments and equipment. It provides a larger market space for test instruments, and also promotes the continuous improvement and technological innovation of test instruments, which brings competition and challenges to China's instrument manufacturers based on the above definition. However, the key part belongs to high-tech and high-value instruments. High end instruments in some fields are 100% imported. The total amount of imported instruments is billions of dollars every year, and it is added at a rate of about 30% every year. What is the reason why domestic instruments can not go out? Do domestic universities rely on imported instruments

instrument calibration service information Changge

how to use a stopwatch to time stopwatch timing has three time forms: 1. Cumulative timing: (1) press the [+] key to start, stop and start timing again (time accumulation) (2) timing is over, press the [-] key to zero. 2. Interval timing: (1) press the [+] key to start timing (2) press the [-] key to stop the stopwatch once and display the interval time. The heart rate reading and interval time will be stored in memory for inspection. The stopwatch will continue to count after the interval appears for 5 seconds. Repeat this procedure to read the interval time (3) and then stop at the next point. Press [-] to record the relevant information at this point. Repeat this procedure (4) [+] to stop the timing (5) press [-] to reset the timing to zero. 3. End the timing (1) press [+] to start the timing (2) press [-] to display the completion time of the first person and record it for subsequent inspection. The timing will continue after 5 seconds. Repeat this procedure to check the end time of each person (3. The user can try other keys such as speed, return, reset, calibration, etc. to see if they are responding) press [+] to stop the stopwatch (4) press [-] to return to zero. Note: once the function of the second meter is disabled. When using other main function forms or sub function forms, "stopwatch" will always be displayed in area 3, indicating that the stopwatch function is in the passive state

- service advantage:

1 The service method is flexible. There are three kinds of calibration methods: off - site calibration, on - site collection of instruments and express delivery of instruments

2. In general, the country will soon find out the location of the fault, and all localities can arrange the off-site calibration service. From placing an order to arranging the off-site calibration, door-to-door collection of instruments and express delivery of instruments, it will not take more than 3 working days (outside the province), so as to ensure that the normal operation of customers will not be affected

3. If the instrument entrusted by the customer to be calibrated by our company is out of tolerance, we can do the corresponding calibration service free of charge within our ability (no maintenance)

4. Generally, it takes 5 working days from the completion of calibration on site to the issuance (unless otherwise agreed), and it takes 6 working days for those brought back to the company for calibration (10 working days for inspection on behalf of the company). If it needs to be urgent, it should be determined in advance

5. The company is a one - stop inductive service enterprise for instrument sales, calibration, testing and internal calibrator training

the development of instrument calibration service information has greatly promoted the development of testing machine industry due to social and economic activities, especially the development of manufacturing industry and infrastructure. For example, the construction of municipal facilities has not only promoted employment opportunities, but also promoted the supply of means of production such as cement, yellow sand, steel bars, stones, rubber, plastics and the inspection of the quality of these materials. Because different test instruments are required to test the different properties of different materials, it finally objectively led to the development of tension machines to test the quality of means of production. Due to the progress of society and the development of science, many new processes and technologies have been provided for the development of the tensile machine, which makes the performance index of the testing machine better and better, the functions more and more, the operation more and more convenient, and the appearance more and more beautiful. Although the new processes and technologies provided by the society are safe, convenient and fast, the degree to which different testing machines adopt new processes and technologies is directly proportional to the degree to which they are applied. The testing machines with large social demand often have many competitors

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