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The instrument and meter Market in the "12th Five Year Plan" shows a trend of sticking to innovation to the end.

2012 is the second year of the "12th Five Year Plan". With the strong support of the state, laboratory instruments have developed in an all-round way. At that time, many enterprises broke through the ground. However, in the context of booming production and marketing, it also intensifies the market competition; With the increasing number of enterprises, everyone's enthusiasm for R & D is also gradually warming up. In order to occupy the market, R & D of new products has become one of the ways of competition. Safety standards have always been a problem in many enterprises, but with the R & D investment of enterprises, some new problems have appeared in front of us. User feedback, market environment and promotion have become new problems that enterprises will face

developing new products is not a bad thing, but blindly following them is a big taboo. At present, China's instrument industry is in such a difficult position. Facing the domestic users, the products of the enterprise are lack of brand promotion; Facing foreign users, enterprises lack corresponding standards and persuasion. Some new products are difficult for users to accept in a short time, and they lack some conditions to compete with foreign countries. This is a big problem faced by many domestic enterprises. On the basis of realizing the problems of product quality and innovation, enterprises should also follow the market trend and not follow blindly. Some well-known foreign brands came from small enterprises at the beginning. They have received strong support from domestic consumers. Then they can create brands through continuous reform and innovation. This is also what domestic users lack. On the other hand, when comparing domestic and foreign instrument brands, users pointed out that the instrument stability of domestic enterprises was poor. Although the price is low, it has no obvious advantages, the product quality is unstable, and it is too complex and simple

"promoting enterprise standardization is of great significance to improve the standardization level of the whole industry and promote the scientific development of Dr. Luan Daqi, director of innovation management of high performance polymers in the Asia Pacific region of Evonik Degussa." Zhaoshan, chairman of chemical standardization branch of China Association for standardization, said at the 2011 work conference held in Beijing. The enterprise is the main body of the entire chemical instrument market economy and independent innovation. The level of enterprise standards is directly related to the management level and product competitiveness of the enterprise. At the same time, she pointed out that since the standardization work foundation of some enterprises is still poor, there is still much room to improve the standardization level of enterprises

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, although China's industrial standardization work as a whole has made great achievements, there are still problems that the technical level of some existing chemical industry standards is still low due to the weak ability of independent innovation, the low rate of standard collection, and the backwardness of inspection equipment and technology; Due to the rapid increase in the number of standards prepared and revised and the number of standardization committees, the quality of some standards has declined and the working level of the standardization committee is low; Due to scientific and technological innovation and the development of emerging industries, a large number of new materials, new technologies and new products have emerged, and the standard formulation and revision cycle is long, showing problems of inadaptability and lagging behind; Due to the shortage of standardization funds, problems such as the preliminary research of standards and the training of international standardization senior talents are affected

facing this challenge, on the one hand, enterprises in the chemical instrument industry should aim at the market and provide customers with satisfactory products and services in time; On the other hand, we should constantly improve the production and operation management and product quality of the enterprise. Strengthening the standardization management of enterprises is the basic work for enterprises to improve themselves. Most domestic enterprises are emerging joint-stock enterprises. There is no basis for standardization of enterprise personnel, and enterprise standardization is almost blank. Therefore, to do a good job in the standardization of enterprises in the industry is a severe task facing the chemical instrument industry and a breakthrough to achieve economic benefits and brand effect

to do a good job in management and service, we should pay attention to the following points: 1. Cooperate with government procurement to ensure the quality of teaching instruments and equipment; In the past two years, enterprises want to be large and comprehensive. Government procurement has gradually become the main way of instrument and equipment procurement throughout the country. It is conducive to saving national funds, improving investment efficiency, strengthening clean government construction and curbing corruption. However, the quality problems often occur in the modification of some engineering plastics for vehicles and the use of products purchased by local governments with high added value. The main reason is that the relevant personnel of the government procurement department are not familiar with the basic requirements of national and industrial standards for product quality characteristics, and the technical performance of the products is judged not in accordance with the national recognized product standards and their test reports, so that the products that do not meet the national and industrial standards flow into the market. 2. Encourage enterprises to participate in product and quality management system certification; The state has clearly put forward the compulsory product certification system (3C certification) for products involving human health and safety, animal and plant life and health, environmental protection and public safety. Products within the above scope must pass the product certification before they can enter the market on august1,2003

it is helpful for enterprises to establish and improve quality management, improve product quality and market competitiveness. It can ensure that products meet the requirements of laws, regulations and national and industrial mandatory standards, and is the basis for enhancing customer satisfaction. Adopting ISO9000 international standard and striving for quality management system certification has become an important means for enterprises to establish modern enterprise system, strengthen product quality control, improve enterprise management level and product market competitiveness

all in all. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. Without innovation, there will be no full development. Under the national policy, enterprises should actively innovate rather than blindly follow, so as to make the industry run orderly and well. We should control the quality, provide good customer service, formulate enterprise standards, and let us work together to carry out innovation to the end

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