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Choosing the right wallpaper is as important as choosing the right person. 520, I met yashilan seamless wallcovering. At that moment, my heart pounded ~

being single is not terrible, nor is it terrible to write advertisements.

What's terrible is that single advertisers in 520

have to write those sweet copywriters

to spread dog food for themselves

if you don't believe it, look down

5.20 brand takes advantage of the situation to express itself

I have confirmed my eyes that you are the person I want to stick to

yashilan seamless wallcovering

please go into the water boldly, my love holds you

swimming equipment store

your dimple has no wine, but I'm drunk like a dog

liquor store

this is my wishful thinking, please sign

.Express logistics

I also like you yesterday, I'm jealous today


do you know why I'm not white? Because I love you all the way to black

whitening products

I like you since I was born

mother and baby products - milk powder

I gave you lipstick, why don't you give it back to me a little bit

cosmetics - lipstick

I copied the love words, It's true to want to tell you

yashilan Xiaobian

how many times have we had the opportunity to express love in our long life

remember the last time you told each other you loved her

[the picture is from the wechat official account of "yashilan seamless wall cloth", which was invaded and deleted]

company is the longest love confession

take advantage of the quiet time and be not old

build a warm and sweet home with her

girl's "first love powder"

[picture from "yashilan seamless wall cloth" wechat official account, invasion and deletion]

girl's heart burst "first love powder"

playful vitality

the dancing posture of the ballet Princess

is elegant and exquisite

like 520

you who are about to be sweetly confessed

this yashilan romantic "first love powder"

is the most provocative ~

makes your home full of vitality every day

hot love "tomato red"

[moving picture from "yashilan seamless wallcovering" micro.Letter official account, invasion and deletion]

spring breeze ten miles, Not as beautiful as you ~

warm lycopene

is as hot and pure as love

playful and cute blue whale

is like you who are ignorant in love

but are desperate ~

you need to know that

exquisite blue whale girl is worthy of being spoiled

it is as important to choose the right wall cloth and the right person

520, meet yashilan seamless wall cloth

at that moment, Heartthrob ~

golden sentence of the copywriter is tantalizing

it's simply too tiring to pay for your life. Purr purr purr

after eating yashilan's "sweet sugar"

I realized that

eating sugar for a while and always eating sugar for a long time

yashilan seamless wall fabric has always focused on the perfect combination of modern home life art needs and China's Millennium fabric weaving technology, with art as the guide and process innovation as the support, creating a colorful bubble legend and inheriting jacquard classics, For the purpose of creating brilliant embroidery, the seamless wallcovering will be raised to the height of art, and a variety of artistic wallcovering products will be provided for people who pursue a quality life

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