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Cleaning procedure

in daily cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove it first, and then use a soft cloth dipped in special detergent or soap diluent to clean it. For large-area cleaning, spray or rotary cleaner can be used. For natural lacquer solid wood floor, water is not good for it. Try to reduce excess water when cleaning, and be sure to wring the rag dry when scrubbing. To remove the abrasion marks of black rubber and other stains that cannot be removed with water, the oil wax solid wood floor can be removed with a soft cloth dipped in low concentration alcohol or a little Baijiu

maintenance procedure

natural lacquered wood floor: after the floor is cleaned, a layer of diluted floor polish should be applied. If the utilization rate of the floor is relatively frequent, the concentration of polish can be appropriately increased. In general, the living room can be maintained once a month, while the kitchen and living room that often go in and out need to be maintained every week

oil wax wood floor: clean the floor completely and keep it dry, then apply a thin layer of light oil wax on the floor surface, polish the floor with a soft cloth and wipe off the excess oil stains to avoid bright spots. Do not use the floor coated with light oil wax in a hurry, but dry it naturally at night

antifouling procedure

natural lacquered wood floor: when the floor becomes difficult to clean due to a lot of dirt, it can be mixed with deasterification agent and 25 ℃ warm water. Before using deasterification agent, the floor should be fully cleaned. For the floor with too serious stain, the surface of the solid wood floor should be polished off and then repainted, but this method should be a last resort, because grinding will inevitably make the floor thinner

oil wax wood floor: if there is a large area of stains on the floor, it can be treated with a grinder equipped with a dry soft polishing pad to maintain the same gloss, but it must be coated with light oil wax on the floor surface within 4 hours, and then let the floor dry naturally for 16-24 hours




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