Interior decoration color matching skills

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Different color combinations will bring different visual impact to people. For example, red with green is a big taboo in the collocation industry. As a daily living space, if the color of the home is not matched properly, it will bring bad sensory experience to the residents, thus affecting the mood of the residents. Therefore, if you want to live comfortably, it is necessary to understand the color matching skills of interior decoration. Next, let's talk about indoor color matching

tone introduction

1. Light and exquisite tone. The center color is yellow and orange. The carpet is orange, the curtains and bedspreads are made of yellow and white printed cloth, the sofa and ceiling are made of gray, and some green plants are added to set off the atmosphere. The atmosphere is unique

2, soft and romantic tone. The center color is soft pink. Carpets, lampshades and curtains are red and white, furniture is white, and parts of the room are dotted with light blue, with a warm atmosphere

3, elegant and beautiful colors. The center color is pink. Sofa and lampshade are pink, curtains and cushions are made of pink printed cloth, the floor is light tan, and the walls are milky white. This tone is suitable for young women and girls

4. Gorgeous and fresh colors. The center color is wine red, blue and gold, the sofa is wine red, the carpet is dark earth red, the wall is bright beige, and some parts are decorated with gold, such as gold-plated wall lamps, supplemented by some blue, that is, a gorgeous and fresh style

5, elegant and beautiful colors. The center color is rose and lavender, the carpet is light rose, the sofa is thicker rose than the carpet, the curtains can be light purple printed, the lampshade and lamp pole are rose or purple, and some green cushions and potted plants are used to decorate, and the walls and furniture are gray white, which can achieve elegant and beautiful results




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