Duplex decoration space is skillfully arranged, co

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House type: duplex

building area: 180 square meters

decoration style: on the side of the simple neoclassical

restaurant, it used to be a guest bedroom, but now it has become a small reception area. With simple soft decoration, it looks very refreshing and casual. It is a good place to meet friends and chat

transform the originally spacious living room into a restaurant. For the owner, the atmosphere of family dining together is more important than the living room. Therefore, the designer added sufficient lighting here to highlight the lively atmosphere of the restaurant

today's spacious and bright kitchen is formed after connecting the original kitchen and restaurant. The white decoration makes the space appear more spacious. The middle island kitchen style adds a breakfast table for the couple, which is convenient to use

avoid an area and arrange a shared study for the couple. Tailor made furniture is designed to meet the needs of the owner





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