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As for "safety" and "health", we don't only pay attention to it today. Lawka has always advocated the long-term goal of "zero accident" and integrated the safety concept into the whole process of production and operation

today is an important day

do you know why

two days of countdown to May Day

it's not so simple

learn about 4.28

world work safety and Health Day

the idea of establishing the world's "work safety and health day" originated from workers' Memorial Day. The memorial day was first initiated by American and Canadian workers in 1989 to commemorate the dead and injured workers on April 28 every year

the International Confederation of free trade unions and the global Federation of trade unions have developed it into a global activity. In 2001, the International Labour Organization officially designated April 28 as the "world day of work safety and health" and as the official commemoration day of the United Nations

previous themes

2002/2001: Commemorating dead and disabled workers

2003: Globalizing safety and health culture

2004: creating and continuously promoting safety culture

2005: paying attention to building safety

2006: decent work, safe work

2007: safe and healthy workplace -- decent work becomes a reality

2008: my life, my work My work safety - managing risks in the work environment

2009: health and life at work

2010: safety development and prevention first

2011: important implementation of safety responsibilities

2012: scientific development and safety development

2013: prevention of occupational diseases

2014: safety and health of chemicals used in workplaces

2015: participation in the construction of a prevention culture to ensure occupational safety and health

2016 : workplace pressure, Common challenges

2017: optimize the collection and application of occupational safety and health data

2018: the generation of health and safety

2019: the prospect of safe and healthy work

for "safety" and "health"

we do not pay attention to it only today

labor card always advocates the long-term goal of "zero accident"

integrate the safety concept into the whole process of production and operation

"At any time and under any circumstances, nothing is more important than the life safety and health of employees". We continue to improve the occupational health management system from the aspects of system management, environmental improvement and safety culture to protect the physical and mental health of employees

safety work is always the top priority. There should be no carelessness in safety production work. The potential safety hazards existing in equipment, facilities, sites and surrounding environment should be continuously investigated to deepen the investigation and treatment of potential hazards, and prevent and contain the occurrence of safety accidents

while strengthening the work of safety production, we have always paid close attention to the education of safety awareness and the training of safety skills. A required course for every new employee is safety awareness. All production posts are equipped with work safety operation guidelines, so that employees can clarify the specific operation methods, steps, standards and personnel responsibilities, enhance the ability of self-protection, and effectively prevent and reduce industrial accidents

in addition, we also regularly carry out fire safety drills and simulated escape drills to improve the safety awareness and emergency response ability of employees. Through safety education, the awareness of safe operation and code of conduct will be integrated into the daily work and life of employees, and the awareness of safety will be rooted in the hearts of every employee

we will also constantly optimize the working environment and create a reassuring, harmonious and positive working atmosphere for employees. The "staff home" activity room is not only equipped with sports and fitness equipment, but also has regular yoga classes every week. The company organizes physical examination for employees every year, carries out a series of rich and colorful cultural activities, cares for the physical and mental health of employees, creates a happy working atmosphere, and improves the happy life index

personal health and safety is not only related to the happiness of families, but also closely related to the long-term development of enterprises. In the future, the company will continue to pay attention to safety in production, care for the health of employees, and ensure the safety of employees. It also hopes that everyone in Laoka can strengthen their safety awareness, enhance their sense of responsibility and mission for safety work, and realize the change of consciousness from "I want to be safe" to "I want to be safe". All staff will work together to build a strong safety defense line, so that everyone can "come to work happily and go home safely"




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