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Solid wood flooring will differ in texture and properties due to its different material selection. It is not difficult to understand from the soft and hard words. What is the difference between them. Now let's analyze the characteristics of cork flooring and hardwood flooring

solid wood flooring is made of wood, mostly tongue and groove flooring, which is easier to install. More than half of the floors on the market are finished floors that have been coated (painted), generally known as "painted boards". The paint board is processed, painted and dried in the factory, and the quality is high. The existing paint is generally not easy to reach its quality level. After the paint board is installed, it is not necessary to plane, polish and paint the surface. Solid wood floor is divided into hardwood floor and cork floor according to wood material

1. Hardwood floor:

hardwood floor has hard texture, fine texture, good wear resistance and elasticity. It can achieve dry, clean and beautiful effects

the wood used for ordinary hardwood flooring includes koji, birch, walnut, locust wood, Begonia wood, beech, etc., while the wood used for high-grade wood flooring includes cherry wood, longan wood, camphor, etc

2. Cork floor:

it is mainly made of pine, Chinese fir (cedar, hemlock, etc.) and cypress. Cork flooring is warm and elastic. But the wear resistance is poor. If the drying is not enough, it is easier to deform and crack

suggestion: for consumers with old people and children at home, cork flooring with good foot feel will be more suitable





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