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Using delta inverter to realize emergency power supply control

Abstract: This paper introduces the use of delta products to realize the automatic control system of emergency power supply. The composition, working process and relevant precautions of the automatic control system of emergency power supply are analyzed. The system is systematic, reliable, easy to operate, high degree of automation, intuitive man-machine interface, and has high application value

key words: automatic control of frequency converter emergency power supply

1 introduction

eps emergency power supply is a power supply equipment composed of fire-fighting facilities, emergency lighting, accident lighting and other first-class load power supply equipment. The product is composed of mutual switching device, automatic charger, inverter and battery pack. When the AC is normal, the inverter does not work and supplies power to important loads through the mutual switching device. When the AC power is cut off, the mutual switching device will immediately switch to the inverter power supply. When the electric voltage is restored, the emergency power supply will be restored to the electric power supply

in case of power failure, the emergency power supply can supply power to various electrical equipment on different occasions. It has wide application range, strong load adaptability, convenient installation and high efficiency. Adopting centralized emergency power supply can overcome many shortcomings of other power supply methods. Reduce unnecessary power waste. It should be able to realize equal load rate loading or equal stress rate loading; Compared with UPS UPS with low conversion efficiency and long-term continuous operation, electric power stations for emergency and lighting have higher performance price ratio

at present, EPS adopts different control modes and means. According to the load carried by EPS, three kinds can be summarized: first, EPS mainly used for emergency lighting and accident lighting; Second, in addition to emergency lighting and accident lighting, there are also three-phase series EPS applied to mixed loads such as air conditioners, elevators, roller shutter doors, exhaust fans, water pumps, etc; The third is the variable frequency series EPS that directly supplies power to the motor. The following is the most comprehensive mixed load three-phase series EPS power supply

in this paper, an emergency power supply control system is developed using Delta's emergency power converter products, which can effectively reduce the burden of workers, improve the optimal operation degree of electricity in the case of emergency disconnection, enhance the anti-interference of the system, and avoid the aging loss of hardware

2 system analysis

delta EPS solution mainly uses the frequency converter to act as the inverter AC motor drive function of the fan water pump shutter door of the fire protection system. Delta EPS customized special frequency converter can truly realize the connection of common DC bus, so it can be applied not only in EPS industry, but also in chemical fiber and glass manufacturing industry. Delta's special frequency converter and synchronous card are used together, which can realize the same input and output phase, so as to meet the application in special occasions. In view of the particularity of motor drive in EPS industry, delta inverter mainly adds parameters such as automatic torque compensation, torque compensation limitation, abnormal restart, etc. to meet the needs of special industries. The EPS charging module matched with the frequency converter reduces the cost for customers, reduces heavy transformers, and reduces transportation costs

2.1 overall overview of EPS special machine

one of the main features of delta EPS special machine is that it can realize common DC bus, thus expanding the application field of EPS special machine. At the same time, the DC of the internal contactor and soft start circuit meets the demand of direct battery start of EPS special machine. Delta EPS special inverter can form a highly reliable hybrid load special inverter by matching with appropriate low-pass filter and transformer. And ensure the output voltage stability and waveform smoothness of the inverter. Delta EPS special inverter for emergency power supply should meet the application of most occasions in EPS industry. It is a special inverter preferred by EPS manufacturers

2.2 functional features of delta EPS special machine

(1) the auxiliary power supply and soft start circuit contactor of the frequency converter are all DC, so direct DC power supply can be fully realized

(2) strong hardware and software protection functions ensure the reliability of the frequency converter

(3) it contains a variety of modulation methods, which can be applied to a variety of transformers, so as to ensure that the voltage waveform at the output end is closer to the sine wave

(4) Delta EPS special frequency converter has AC380V and AC220V specifications, and the power range is kW, which can meet the needs of customers in different occasions

(5) the use of synchronization card ensures the same input and output phase

2.3 application design of delta EPS special frequency converter

(generally speaking, the gap of trapezoidal screw is relatively large) electrical principle design. The principle of AC and DC dual power EPS is shown in Figure 1. The principle of DC single power EPS is shown in Figure 2

Figure 1 principle of AC and DC dual power supply EPS

Figure 2 principle of DC power supply EPS

(2) definition of control terminal

definition of control terminal is shown in Table 1:

Table 1 definition of control terminal

2.4 special parameter design table of delta EPS frequency converter 2 special parameter design table of delta EPS frequency converter

3 conclusion

delta EPS special frequency converter truly realizes customized service, It is completely developed according to the technical characteristics of EPS industry, meeting the needs of customers in EPS industry. Delta inverter has been highly praised by users for its strict quality management and high cost performance. Through Delta's strict quality management to reduce recall risk, excellent performance and strong technical support capabilities, customized services have been truly realized

about the author

engineer Zhang Chao works in Shenzhen Weiming Technology Co., Ltd


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