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Using 3D printing technology, plastic waste can be turned into fashionable sunglasses

Belgian startup Ma is using 3D printing and plastic waste to produce sunglasses. The materials of these fashionable 3D printed Sunglasses come from car dashboard, soda bottle and even refrigerator

ma was founded in 2015. Its mission is to print recycled plastic 3D into fashionable sunglasses and shape the future of waste. All the materials used to make 3D printed Sunglasses cause impact are recycled materials. After plastic waste is recycled, they are crushed into wires, then printed with a layer thickness of 0.04mm, and finally become fashionable frames. The recycling process is carried out by the Dutch company betterfuturefactory

"black plastic comes from automobile dashboard recycled from the Netherlands," Yuma said. "90% of transparent plastic is made from recycled soda bottles." 3D printed Sunglasses themselves are also recyclable, because they are first woven with carbon fiber into a prefabricated surface with a blade shape, without any glue and toxic substances. In addition, customers can exchange old products for new ones and enjoy discounts

in addition to 4. Clearing the experimental machine itself and the surrounding environment in time to use recycled materials after completing experiments on small radio and MP3, Ma is also very distinctive in other aspects. For example, the company has two major suppliers nearby. In the future, everything will be more localized. "Our idea is to decentralize production so that production plants can use local materials," neubourg said

at present, you cannot order these 3D printing sunglasses, but production will begin this year. Ma said that future versions of 3D printed Sunglasses might be made from algae, recycled fish and food packaging

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