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Usage evaluation: akg/aitech N40 coil iron fever with wire controlled music in ear headset experience

akg/aitech N40 coil iron fever with wire controlled music in ear flagship hifi professional headset

use for a month experience: the product is impeccable, that is, the price is high, it is more attractive to the crowd, and it is doomed not to be bad on the street. As for the sound quality, the sound is good, and it will take 100 hours to burn in later! Well, finally, thank you for the moon cakes. I just received them on the 15th. It's a surprise! Finally, I don't know why I didn't see the invoice? Sum up, start with Yan, be loyal to Yin, hope not, and end with quality

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product parameters:

Product Name: akg/aitech N40

compatible platform: Android Windows Phone IOS

meal type: official standard configuration

sensitivity: 115db/mw

applicable music type: classical symphony concert type

impedance: 20 Ω

frequency response range: Hz

color classification: Silver

de capacity gives regular enterprises a taste of sweetness

wearing method: in ear

headphones "Guoliang copper high conductivity corrosion-resistant copper alloy functional new material has just been mass produced in August. Type: wired

whether it can also be coated. Microphone: with microphone

headphone after-sales service: National Lianbao

plug diameter: 3.5mm

headphone plug type: In-line type

headphone output sound source: hifi

cable length: 1.2m

headphone category: ordinary headphone wire control headphone hifi headphone sports headphone

brand: akg/aitech the

akg headset model: N40

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