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On October 23, the U.S. government officially issued a notice in the Federal Register, saying that the trade activities of relevant enterprises violated the non proliferation law against Iran and Syria. The list released includes three Chinese Enterprises - China new era technology Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Industry International Trade Co., Ltd. and central China numerical control Co., Ltd. At the same time, the Russian Defense export company, the largest military dealer in Russia, was also "named". The remaining nine enterprises are from North Korea, South Korea, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and other countries

according to the announcement, before September 2010, no U.S. government agency will be allowed to conduct physical, service and technical exchanges with these 13 enterprises, and their related international assistance projects will be automatically frozen

the United States claimed that the purpose of the law was to prevent the outside world from providing "problem countries" with equipment and sensitive technologies controlled by the international control list or conducive to the development of weapons of mass destruction, as well as cruise missiles and ballistic missiles "

it is understood that in recent years, the United States has repeatedly interfered in the transnational trade activities of third countries under the pretext of violating the law, and Chinese companies have been sanctioned almost every year. As early as 2006, Russian Defense export companies had been subjected to similar sanctions for the same "charges", and later they were cancelled one by one as the situation developed and political needs

after the U.S. government issued the sanctions decision, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huazhong numerical control), one of the three sanctioned enterprises in China, immediately issued a public statement: "on October 23, 2008, the U.S. government imposed sanctions on Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. under the pretext of 'unnecessary'. We protest this outrageous and evil practice of the United States!"

on November 6, Dr. Xiang Hua, general manager of central China CNC, angrily told this newspaper, "the sanctions of the United States have had an impact on our company, and some cooperation with the United States has begun to be blocked. Some countries even refused to cooperate with us for fear of offending the United States."

he also told, "the company is actively taking measures. We have reported the relevant situation to the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments, reflecting the current difficulties. We hope the government will intervene to solve this problem."

all parties condemned

once the incident was reported, it immediately aroused strong indignation from all parties concerned. Russia responded quickly. Vyacheslav, spokesman of Russian Defense export company 8226; Davetenko pointed out that "this is a manifestation of unfair competition", exposing its attempt to manipulate the rules of international military trade. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also said later that the US approach has no basis in international law and will inevitably have a negative impact on Russia US relations. "If someone in Washington believes that this way can make Russia accept the U.S. solution to the Iranian issue, it is undoubtedly a big mistake."

Xiang Hua believes that it is the consistent practice of the US government to impose economic sanctions and even military strikes on potentially threatening countries and economies under the pretext of fictitious "facts"

under the pattern of global economic integration, all countries in the world enjoy the autonomy to develop their own high-tech industries through independent innovation according to their own actual conditions. For ulterior political and economic purposes, the U.S. government imposed sanctions on central China CNC for no reason, which not only seriously damaged the international image of central China CNC, but also seriously affected the normal trade activities and personnel and technical exchanges between central China CNC and other countries, and seriously violated the WTO principles

Xiang Hua also told that the fundamental reason why the U.S. government included Huazhong CNC, an enterprise hatched from a university research group and without any military background, in the "blacklist" of sanctions was that Huazhong CNC had mastered high-end CNC system technology through independent innovation, breaking the blockade and restriction barriers built by the West against China. In view of the strategic value of the high-end CNC system mastered by central China CNC, the U.S. government brazenly used sanctions to suppress our enterprises and restrict their development

shenfujin, director of the media department of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, also believes that the US sanctions are not only targeted at a certain Chinese company, but its ultimate intention is to combat the development of localization of key technologies in China. They mentioned that "according to the relevant information", they did not clearly say that the neimitsubishi material in the information was the Japanese nonferrous metal giant Rong, which was just an excuse for no reason. He believes that this approach is extremely unwise when the United States is facing an economic crisis

strongly demand the lifting of sanctions

it is understood that the sanctioned enterprise - Huazhong CNC is a state-owned joint-stock enterprise founded, legally registered and operated by Huazhong University of science and technology. Since the establishment of the company, Huazhong CNC has strictly complied with the relevant laws and regulations of the Chinese government, operated the sales business of products including CNC systems and CNC machine tools according to law, and has never helped any country or region develop prohibited weapons, nor has it exported or promised to export illegal products and technologies to any country or region

for a long time, western countries have included high-performance CNC machine tools as strategic materials in the embargo list against China, which has become a bottleneck seriously restricting the development of China's manufacturing industry. During the cold war, in 2000, the Cox Report of the United States accused China of "stealing" American cutting-edge technology on the pretext that China imported 16 second-hand four axis and five axis CNC machine tools; On June 20, 2007, the United States further listed 20 major categories of products such as high-end CNC machine tools as the objects of high-tech export control to China. In this context, central China CNC has taken the technical route of independent innovation and developed a five axis linkage CNC system, breaking the technical restrictions of western countries on China

Xiang Hua said that central China CNC mainly produces CNC system products with the support of the national large aircraft major science and technology special material development project, which are the supporting parts of CNC machine tools. The sales feature of CNC system is that after the CNC system products are sold to machine tool manufacturers, they are installed on CNC machine tools. In the future, there is still a great driving force for paper enterprises to raise prices, and the whole CNC machine tools are sold. We don't know exactly where machine tools are sold. At present, there are many export channels for low-end CNC machine tools, but these machine tools cannot be used in the production of high-end military products. The key target of blockade and attack in the United States is high-end machine tools equipped with five axis CNC system. Due to the high technical content of this product and the need for more after-sales service, we have a very detailed grasp of the first-hand information of users. At present, more than 80 five axis CNC systems produced by our company have been sold. According to the information the company has, none of them is involved in exporting to North Korea or Iran

in addition, according to the relevant personnel of the external publicity department of central China CNC, the company is actively trying to solve this problem. The company strongly requests the U.S. government to respect the facts and immediately lift the sanctions

the "strange circle" of domestic manufacturing industry has become a stumbling block

some insiders said that this event has also sounded an alarm for our manufacturing industry. From behind this event, we should also clearly realize that independent innovation is the only way to improve China's national strength

it is understood that at present, there is a "strange circle" in China's manufacturing industry chain. Domestic CNC systems do not buy domestic computer parts; Domestic machine tool manufacturers do not buy domestic CNC systems; Domestic production enterprises do not buy domestic machine tools; And the final domestic users do not recognize domestic products. For example, most consumers finally choose foreign automobile brands. This bad cycle has led to difficulties in expanding the market for domestic products

Xiang Hua believes that the government's support for domestic brands is not enough. For example, the bidding of some projects directly specifies the models of foreign CNC system products, and domestic products have no equal opportunity to compete. This does not take advantage of the national economic security designed according to the uniform compressive stress, but also hinders the development of national CNC industry

Xiang Hua said, "the central China CNC system has been listed as a high-tech product involving military industry by the United States as a target of attack, which also proves that our independent products and technologies have a certain strength, and the United States dare not underestimate it. Therefore, domestic users should see the progress of domestic CNC systems, and they should not look at domestic CNC systems with old eyes."

on the other hand, it also shows the key role of high-end CNC system, which is the core component related to national industrial security, economic security and national defense security. (Guo Yu)

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