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Use evaluation: supor/SUPOR cfxb40fc835

SUPOR/SUPOR cfxb40fc rice cooker 4L smart home authentic person

spherical kettle inner bladder micro pressure steam valve fine control fire firewood rice cooker

use Liao 262 lamps, Nanjing Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau spot check 90 batches of building insulation materials, 3 batches of products are unqualified for a month, feeling: the appearance is very beautiful, I feel very tall, the screen design is very good, how long does the rice need to be cooked, Wipe clean after use to see why the test machine has eccentric load phenomenon? You can see at a glance that the cooked rice is delicious. The rice grains fully absorb water. The rice grains are crystal clear, soft and delicious. The heat preservation is very good. The heat preservation lasts for 2 or 3 hours. The taste of the rice is no different from that when it is just cooked. The new generation of ball kettle technology has no trouble of sticking to the pot at all. Every time after dinner, it is also very simple to clean it. Just put some water and gently wipe it with a soft cloth

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SUPOR/SUPOR cfxb40fc rice cooker 4L configuration parameters

Product Name: supor/SUPOR cfxb40fc83

brand: supor/SUPOR

model: cfxb40fc

Color Classification: Brown

capacity: 4L

control method: microcomputer

rice cooker multi function: accelerate cake cooking, make an appointment to cook regularly

liner material: spherical kettle liner

Power: 601w (included) -800w (included)

after sales service: national joint insurance

shape: square

heating method: chassis heating

applicable number of people: 3-4

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