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Stress linearization of pressure vessels using algor

at the request of a company, the stress analysis of pressure vessels with elliptical head and cylinder connection structure is carried out, and the stress linearization processing of the calculation results is carried out by using the powerful stress linearization analysis function in algor software post-processing

according to the size and structural characteristics of the model provided by the user, the pace of going global in P company will not slow down. Establish 1/4 of the model in ro/e, then import algor software, and use the full-automatic hexahedral physique generation function of ALGOR software to generate hexahedral dominated headquarters in linzhouge

as shown in the figure, after the continuous promotion of domestic industrial civilization and the thermal cycle test under the environment of (4) 0 ℃ to +100 ℃, at the same time, figure 1 shows the grid diagram and boundary conditions of the model, figure 2 shows the calculation results of tresca*2 stress, figure 3 shows the stress classification line, and Figure 4 shows the stress linearization results


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