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Taking advantage of the opportunity of the free trade zone to promote the preparation of the crude oil futures platform, the world's first petroleum asphalt futures was officially listed and traded on the Shanghai Futures Exchange on the 9th, which is the second petroleum futures variety listed in the previous period. Yang Maijun, the chairman of the last phase Institute, said that the next step is a mechanical equipment independent of the hydraulic universal testing machine, which will make full use of the rare opportunity of the Shanghai free trade zone to actively promote the preparation of the international crude oil futures platform

Yang Maijun introduced that the preparation of petroleum asphalt futures has been nearly six years, and its listing is another important achievement for the steady development of the futures market

the listing of asphalt futures prompted the market to pay attention to the listing progress of crude oil futures in the previous period. On the day of the listing of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone on September 29, the CSRC said that it planned to agree to prepare for the establishment of Shanghai International Energy Trading Center Co., Ltd. in the free trade zone where the previous period was located, and specifically undertake to promote the preparation of the international crude oil futures platform

according to the source of the last period, in the future, crude oil futures will be listed on the international crude oil futures platform of the free trade zone. At present, we are actively preparing for the registration of Shanghai International Energy Trading Center Co., Ltd. to complete the registration as soon as possible, but there is no timetable. "All plans are under research and demonstration and will be released at an appropriate time. There is no change in the plan of crude oil futures." The person did not respond to whether crude oil futures would be independent of the existing trading system of the previous stock exchange. Many experts in the futures industry believe that crude oil futures cannot be completely independent of the existing trading system of the previous period, and may take whether Shanghai can produce an environmentally friendly product to replace plastic products as an auxiliary platform

the above-mentioned persons from the exchange said that the construction of futures platforms in the Shanghai free trade zone is more conducive to the construction of Shanghai international financial center. On the international platform, in addition to domestic natural persons, legal persons and domestic futures companies, foreign special participants will be introduced. The previous revision of the regulations on the administration of futures trading has lifted the restrictions on foreign investors' participation in the domestic futures market. At present, there are no institutional obstacles to crude oil futures. The introduction of foreign investors, foreign exchange policies, customs policies and other aspects have received strong support from relevant departments, and supporting policies are being stepped up and improved

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