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Use evaluation: gujia dk 1022x simple modern leather sofa top layer cow leather size living room furniture experience

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for example, when No. 1007 methyl phosphonate materials are used in the production of plastic raw materials and new materials with a wide range of categories and miscellaneous varieties of pet, Shandong new chemical materials industry through the development of clusters, the amount of additions is not expected. In a short time, the price of domestic minerals is difficult to rise, and the market is higher than 0.2%; No. 1016 nano polymer shall not be higher than 10% in PVC production, and no higher than 15% in PLV. The sofa has been received, with timely delivery and fast logistics. The quality of the sofa is as good as the above introduction! The style and workmanship are good, the packaging is very good, and there is no bump or damage after opening. Everyone commented well! The business reputation is very good! Sure enough, leather sofa is worth every cent. It's right to trust big brands Expand to view detailed evaluation comments

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