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The United States uses artificial intelligence for anti-terrorism screening

according to the British Daily Mirror, a device called "real-time real-world evaluation automatic virtual agent system" (avatar) has begun to be tested in the Canadian border service. This new technology is believed to help identify terrorists, smugglers and criminals

the University of Arizona in the United States launched this system for the first time with the support of the platform in 2012. Since then, researchers have been carrying out technical development when the load can no longer rise. So far, this robot is ready to be deployed to the international border for low carbon steel

this robot uses eye sensors, motion and pressure sensors and other software to detect various external signs of people to test whether they are lying. It is also equipped with a foot pad to find out whether the subjects bend their toes because of discomfort

produce high-tech plastics of Durethan and pocan brands

this polite and bilingual robot will ask passengers a series of questions, such as "do you have fruit or vegetables in your luggage?" Or "do you have a weapon with you?"

it will also ask some irrelevant questions to help distinguish whether the person answering the question is simply nervous or lying. The robot will prompt passengers who may be lying for further inspection by border security personnel

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