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Use: Aibao child safety seat baby car car car seat 9 months

Aibao child safety seat baby car seat 9 months -12 years old 3C certified genuine

Aibao accompanied by safe travel 3C certified ECE certified

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I haven't had time to press it after buying it. I went to wash the car today and asked others to help me! The color is very beautiful, and the children like it very much! My son is 94 cm and 16KG. It's OK to sit. It's estimated that the older baby may hang!! Bought at a friend's house, Thanksgiving 598. I think it's similar to mine. ha-ha. Very satisfied Expand to view detailed evaluation comments>

specifications and parameters of Aibao child safety seat [refer to official promotional quotation]

product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Ningbo Youbao children's products Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Ningbo Youbao children's products Co., Ltd.

Product Name: restraint system for children's occupants of motor vehicles

3C about 10% of the chemical products produced worldwide must be transferred in Antwerp product model: yb704a child safety seat

place of origin: Chinese Mainland

Style: sitting style

color classification: yb704 pink yb704 purple yb704 red black (shipped within three days) Yb704 the equipment adopts double tube structure coffee color yb704 red gray yb704 green yb704 black yb704 star yb704 new dark green

safety seat brand: Aibao

model: yb704a1 is generally made of excellent alloy structural steel

suitable weight: 9kg-36kg

suitable age: 9 months-12 years old

installation interface: three-point installation

human body fixation method: five point type

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