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Using e-commerce information to promote the innovation of marketing price strategy

1 electronic product marketing innovation pricing strategy

1.1 skimming pricing strategy innovation

pricing strategy is a pricing strategy adopted under the guidance of pricing objectives according to the characteristics of products, market supply and demand, market competition and other factors. The upgrading of electronic products is fast, and skimming pricing method is often adopted in order to recover costs within the investment period. An electronic product in Jiangsu Province is a high-tech product. During the investment period of the life cycle, it takes advantage of the novelty seeking psychology of consumers, seizes the favorable opportunity that fierce competition has not yet appeared, and adopts the skimming pricing strategy to obtain rich profits in the early stage of investment and shorten the payback period of investment. Adopting skimming pricing strategy can obtain the following innovative advantages: first, at the beginning of the listing of warming therapy partners, customers have no rational understanding of warming therapy partners, and at this time, their purchase motivation is mostly to seek novelty. Take advantage of customers' psychology to improve product identity and create an image of high price, high quality and famous brand by setting a higher price. Second, set a higher price, and you can have greater room for price adjustment after the warm treatment partner products enter the mature period. It can not only maintain the competitiveness of the enterprise by gradually reducing the price, but also attract potential demanders from the existing target market, and even win over low-income classes and price sensitive customers, improve market share and obtain economies of scale. Third, at the beginning of the development of warming therapy partners, due to the limitations of capital, technology, resources, manpower and other conditions, it is difficult to meet the needs of all customers on the existing scale. Using high prices can limit the rapid growth of demand, alleviate the situation of product supply exceeding demand, and can use the high profits obtained at high prices to invest, and gradually expand the production scale to adapt to the demand situation

1.2 innovation of value pricing strategy

with the passage of time, an electronic enterprise in Jiangsu has gradually entered the growth period. Due to the entry of other competitors, the competition between warming partners is intensifying. The enterprise has to reduce the price of products, develop value, publicize value, improve customer perceived value, and seize market share. At this time, based on the consumers' feeling and understanding of the value of the warm therapy partner, consumers will have a psychological pricing for the warm therapy partner. When the actual price of the warm therapy partner is close to the psychological pricing of consumers, consumers will be easy to accept

the value of warm therapy partner products is much higher than that of traditional Yuba, with high added value, which is conducive to human health. When the products enter the growth period, they do not let all series of products reduce prices and adopt value pricing strategy. Instead, graphene produced by flexible top-down method is very different from its own nature and manufacturing cost. Some relatively low-end series of products adopt value pricing strategy to meet the needs of potential consumers, Expand market share, while high-end products continue to use skimming pricing strategy to focus on brand image and improve brand status. This price adjustment innovation has enabled enterprises to obtain some potential consumer markets

2 problems existing in the innovation of electronic product pricing strategy

2.1 the market price cannot meet the market needs

the demand scale of high price products is limited, and the high price is not conducive to market development, increase sales, occupy and stabilize the market, and expand market share. At the initial stage of product introduction, the price of the warm treatment partner of the electronic enterprise was between 600 yuan and 2500 yuan. According to the e-commerce information, the price of the mainstream traditional Yuba in the market was between 400 yuan and 600 yuan. Through comparison, it is concluded that the electronic enterprise in Jiangsu has excessive skimming pricing during the product introduction period, and the price is far higher than the value of the commodity. It cannot grasp the price information acceptable to the majority of consumers in time, which is easy to incur public opposition and consumer resistance, and even be banned as exorbitant profits, causing public relations problems. In addition, at the initial stage of introduction, the pricing strategy of warming therapy partners was single, which was not supplemented by other price adjustment strategies in a timely manner. The same pricing strategy was adopted for all customers, and the adjustment and overall pricing optimization were not carried out according to the differences of customer needs in various regions, which made it difficult to enter or lose the market in some regions

2.2 the information feedback channel is not unblocked, and the pricing target is divorced from reality.

the enterprise pricing target is the ultimate goal and effect of the enterprise participating in the market competition through the pricing strategy. What kind of pricing target is there, what kind of price is set. For a long time, the pricing objectives of enterprises have been mainly defined as "profit maximization" and "improving market share". The pricing goal of enterprises in the initial stage is to maximize profits. However, after entering the growth stage, due to the intensification of competition, consumers are becoming more and more rational. This certain price goal is difficult to meet the needs of market economy. Formulating appropriate pricing goals has become the primary task of enterprises to implement price strategies. In fact, the enterprise still stagnated in the previous skimming pricing strategy, and the theoretical pricing goal of "profit maximization" seriously hindered the rapid development of the enterprise. Customers generally responded that the price was high, resulting in low market share and lagging industry status

2.3 lack of marketing information database, lack of basic data support for pricing

the scientificity of Western pricing decision-making is up to 80%, while the ratio of scientificity to artistry of pricing decision-making in China is 2:8. The fundamental reason for the lack of scientificity of decision-making is that enterprises lack the basic data for pricing. Generally, they are sent to the provincial metrology institute or the National Metrology Institute for measurement. Due to the lack of funds and talents in the early stage of the establishment of an electronic Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province, it did not pay attention to the investigation, analysis and collation of external basic data in a timely manner. Some enterprises only have internal sales reports, marketing research and marketing intelligence occasionally, and there is no data base. There is no long-term market research data accumulation. Even if there is data, its authenticity is worth investigating. Due to time, manpower and material resources, the accuracy and credibility of the data needed to complete the pricing decision in a hurry are limited, and the scientificity of the pricing decision based on this is limited

2.4 failure to collect and process changed business information in time leads to improper timing of price adjustment

market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the market situation is complex, and shopping malls are like battlefields. In the market competition, the pricing strategy of enterprises is not unchanging. Enterprises should be good at using appropriate adjustment strategies at the right time in order to achieve rapid and sustainable development. At present, the warm therapy partner of this electronic enterprise has entered the growth period, and some products have been adjusted from skimming pricing strategy to value pricing strategy. This pricing strategy can timely meet the needs of some potential customers. However, due to the emergence of a large number of warm therapy partner competitors in the market, the price competition has deteriorated, falling again and again. The warm therapy partner did not make price adjustment before the competitor products entered the market, resulting in the improper timing of price adjustment, After the price adjustment, there is no great temptation for customers, no rush buying situation for consumers, and no positive effect on market development

3 electronic product pricing strategy innovation countermeasures

3.1 establish system guarantee measures such as information collection, information processing, decision support, decision execution, feedback control, and promote pricing strategy innovation

strong organizational guarantee is the premise of scientific pricing decision-making. Electronic enterprises should establish a team led by senior managers, which is composed of relevant departments such as marketing, finance, production, R & D It is composed of principals and managers of procurement departments. The whole organization ensures that the system has subsystems or functions such as information collection, information processing, decision support, decision execution, feedback control, etc. It can take the form of a price committee. If necessary, it can set up a price management department under it. The senior management and the price committee can coordinate the pricing decisions of the enterprise. Hierarchical authorization management can be adopted to improve the response speed to the market. For particularly important or important pricing decisions, it should also be reported to the board of directors for approval. In this way, the unity, authority, seriousness and scientificity of the pricing strategy will be ensured from the organization

3.2 choose the appropriate pricing target, standardize the innovative content of pricing strategy

the pricing target can take obtaining the maximum profit as the goal, improving the market share as the goal, achieving the expected investment income as the goal, adapting to the market price competition as the goal, maintaining the survival of the enterprise as the goal, and maintaining the corporate image as the goal. No matter what kind of pricing target is chosen, we must ensure that the formulation of its pricing target is based on the enterprise strategy. Enterprise strategy is the long-term plan of an enterprise and the fundamental guarantee for the realization of its long-term goals. Therefore, the choice of pricing target should be used to mix various rubber/plastic blends to ensure the realization of its strategic target. Only in this way can the enterprise effectively integrate internal and external resources for the treatment of facial fat loss or atrophy caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to achieve the pricing target of the enterprise, so as to finally achieve the strategic goal of the enterprise. Otherwise, it will cause internal and external resource conflicts and low efficiency, which will seriously affect the realization of the strategic objectives of the enterprise

3.3 establish a price database to ensure the innovation of pricing strategy with market information

with the expansion of sales areas, the diversification and rapidity of customer needs, and the development of information technology, the marketing environment is becoming increasingly complex, and marketing information is becoming more and more important. The developed simple information system can enable enterprises to carefully evaluate the opportunities they face, select the target market, make the best pricing decisions, and obtain the maximum profits, Surpass competitors. Therefore, enterprises should improve the internal sales reporting system, marketing information system, marketing research system and marketing decision-making system, collect the required marketing information for a long time, timely supplement and update the customer database, price database, demand elasticity database, internal financial sales database, etc., regularly analyze and evaluate the information, timely provide decision-making reference, and improve the scientificity of pricing decision

3.4 grasp the competitive information effectively and quickly, grasp the opportunity and scale, and ensure the effective implementation of pricing strategy innovation

in the face of many competitions, the grasp of competitors and competitive information is limited, which increases the uncertainty and complexity of the enterprise's pricing decision-making environment and increases the difficulty of pricing decision-making. This requires the wisdom, experience and the ability to master the scale of decision-makers. On the basis of fully mastering the information, enterprise pricing decisions must predict the future, grasp the opportunity and master the scale in order to achieve the expected effect. Enterprises should make reasonable price adjustments for some products before a large number of competitors' products enter the market, and adopt value pricing strategies in time, so as to meet the needs of potential customers, expand market share, and obtain higher profits to adapt to the long-term development of enterprises. (end)

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