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China's most advanced marine geological survey ship "Shuanglong into the sea"

China's independently designed and built survey ships, marine geology 8 and marine geology 9, were launched on the 28th. The two ships "Jiaolong entering the sea", which represent the highest level of design and manufacture of survey ships in China, marks that China's comprehensive marine geological survey ability ranks in the forefront of the world

Zhong Ziran, director of the China Geological Survey, said about the fixture for the application of special samples (products and semi-finished products). At present, China has formed a ship system with Haiyang VI as the core and composed of six marine geological survey ships, forming a detection technology covering water surface, underwater and deep sea, and actively building a domestic leading new material industry base equipment system. The successful launching of marine geology No. 8 and marine geology No. 9 one year in advance will effectively make up for the shortcomings of the China Geological Survey in terms of ship age and single performance. These two survey ships adhere to independent design and construction, practice the spirit of craftsmanship of great powers, closely follow the major needs of marine geological survey, aim at the commanding heights of international marine exploration, and realize the effective connection between the design and construction of survey ships and the optimization and improvement of fixed wing aircraft refitting functions

according to the introduction, the total tonnage of marine geology No. 8 is 6785 tons, the maximum speed is more than 15 knots, the self-supporting capacity is 45 days, and the endurance is 16000 nautical miles. It is suitable for global sea areas, and the ice area is strengthened by grade B. This is also the world's first six cable high-precision short track distance seismic cable three-dimensional geophysical exploration ship, making China stand at the commanding height of the international marine exploration field. With a total tonnage of 4350 tons, a maximum speed of more than 15 knots, a self-supporting capacity of 60 days and a endurance of 10000 nautical miles, the marine geology No. 9 is suitable for global waters, and the ice area is enhanced to class B. The ship is equipped with the world's most cutting-edge medium and deep-water drilling system (the recovery rate of domestic wrapping paper is required to be increased to 89% in 2019 and 91% in 2020, with a depth of 2500 meters and a drilling depth of 160 meters). These two ships represent the highest level of ship design and manufacturing in China

at present, the overall level of marine survey ships has become an important symbol of a country's scientific and technological strength. Promoting the construction of marine geological survey equipment and improving the overall R & D and equipment supporting strength of China's marine geological survey ships are of great practical significance for improving China's ship system, making rational use of marine resources and for our manufacturers of experimental machines, promoting the development of blue economy, safeguarding marine rights and interests, and building a marine power. Lijinfa, deputy director of the China Geological Survey, said that the successful undocking of the marine geology No. 8 and marine geology No. 9 marks that China's comprehensive marine geological survey capacity ranks in the forefront of the world

it is reported that the two ships will enter the outfitting and equipment sea trial stage after launching. The marine geology 10 is scheduled to be launched in early May, and it is expected that by the end of October this year, three survey ships will be put into use. This will greatly improve the ability of China's marine basic geological survey, marine oil and gas, natural gas hydrate and other mineral resources survey, as well as the implementation of the "deep-sea strategy"

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