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The on-screen mobile presentation real-time application "showtap" was officially released

enablewow has launched a new presentation production application showtap. With just a click, the content will appear on the screen and its position can be moved freely

the world's first presentation production software that can move content in real time on the screen

the innovative design tries to break the stereotype left by existing presentation applications such as PPT and keynote in the global market for more than 30 years

all IOS and Android devices can use showtap

enablewow() for free. It has launched a new presentation production application, but the elongation of materials is generally high showtap, With just a click, the content will appear on the screen and move its position freely. Users can use showtap to insert the content they want to show anywhere in the slide, and they can show the hidden content at any time with just one click

all IOS and Android devices can use showtap for free

IPA. The main problem is that the D version of showtap application was launched in December 2019. It received great attention and high expectations at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in January. Because the application has a good response on CES, enablewow decided to open the application to all devices. Today, users can use showtap for free on any IOS or Android device

showtap pioneered the movable hyperlink trigger, which enables users to create slides and insert content into them. Specifically, users can insert the mobile hyperlink trigger and all kinds of content associated with it (such as pictures, videos, pages, etc.) anywhere on the slide or picture according to their personal preferences. Tap the screen, and the inserted content can appear or disappear at any time. Then, the user can also move the content appearing on the screen and adjust its size

users can insert multiple contents under one trigger and display different contents at the same time by tapping the screen. Showtap can also display multiple contents on a slide at the same time for comparison, which is not available in all other mainstream presentation applications such as PPT, keynote and prezi

it is worth mentioning that showtap is equipped with video recording function, and users can produce creative videos that are difficult to reach by professional video programs with simple operation. YouTube podcasts and social media celebrities will experience unprecedented, wonderful and surprising use experience and product value

enablewow CEO said that anyone who has used showtap will be attracted by its charm, and focused on showtap's exquisite design, intuitive user interface and the world's first function of installing at least two head centripetal seals on the arched rack. Enablewow is also trying to extend its value chain to the business to business (B2B) field, including networking, commerce, education, advertising, digital signage, etc

source: enablewow

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