Should the plants on the brightest city wall go or

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Should the plants on the wall of Ming City "go" or stay?

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core tip: core tip: it is controversial to completely remove the wall plants. The original green wall full of creepers is now showing its true colors. Our city is comprehensively cleaning up the existing 25 km long wall, Remove

completely remove the wall ink "> plants cause controversy

the original green city wall full of creepers is now showing its true colors. Our city is comprehensively cleaning up the existing 25 kilometer long city wall to remove all plants on the wall. However, this smooth wall makes many citizens feel uncomfortable, thinking that the city wall without green coverage and small flowers becomes ugly. The city wall management department said that all plants should be removed, otherwise it will speed up the city The wall is weathered. Between protection and beauty, where should the wall plants go


the plants on many sections of the city wall have been removed, and the original scenery no longer exists

set the experiment number: move the focus to the experiment number in the interface and press the OK key to reconsider the technology. In the area of Qianhu lake, the city wall and the scenery of lakes and mountains are integrated, and the ancient and remote, green city wall was once the highlight of this unique landscape. Some time ago, after the Parthenocissus here and other plants were removed, what left for tourists was the mottled and stiff surface of the city wall, which left traces of the original Parthenocissus from top to bottom, and brick holes of different sizes were left at the roots of the plants

yesterday, many citizens took photos near the city wall, and some citizens sighed: first, Hanzhong Gate, Xi'an gate, and now the Qianhu section. Since this year, another section of the city wall has changed, and the original scenery has been destroyed, which is a pity

plants add vitality to the city wall. Not only creepers, but also February orchids and Corydalis bloom under the city wall every February of the lunar calendar. This early spring plant will burst out brick cracks early before other tall plants around it have grown leaves. The light purple makes the city wall smooth and beautiful

the city wall, which was originally covered by Parthenocissus and various flowers and plants, has become unrecognized and bare, affecting the beauty of the city wall. An expert who once conducted research on urban cultural quality in our city said that these plants are also part of the history of the city wall. In addition, although he is not a botanist, he is also worried that these plants have been symbiotic with the city wall for many years, and whether artificial removal will destroy the symbiotic relationship

the city wall management department

spent two to three years removing surface plants to prevent the accelerated weathering of the wall

in response to the questions of citizens, Cao Fangqing, an expert from the Nanjing city wall protection and management center, said that the city wall has a history of 600 years after all, and its brick joints are composed of lime and glutinous rice juice, rather than the cement of modern buildings. Plants, especially Parthenocissus, have particularly developed roots, which are easy to stretch into the cracks of the city wall, The tension of root growth is easy to destroy the wall structure. In addition, plant acids secreted by plant roots will also corrode the surface of city bricks; The city wall needs to be dry, and the plant roots are easy to absorb the moisture in the air on the wall. A long time will increase the humidity of the city wall, weathering and destroying the wall

according to the observation of the city wall management department, the long-term cobalt price will reach a historic high this year. The weathering degree of the walls covered with plants is much more serious than those without plants

according to reports, the city wall management department is removing plants from the 25 kilometer long city wall section by section, and plans to complete the cleaning in 2 to 3 years. Due to the strong regeneration of plants, many climbing vines and flowers have grown out of Hanzhong Gate and Xi'an gate, which were cleared in the first half of this year. In this regard, the management department of the city wall said that it would clean up every 2 to 3 years in the future. The initial plant roots are underdeveloped, and its negative effects are limited

landscape experts

which plants can coexist with the city wall remains to be studied by special subjects

the protection of the city wall and the city wall landscape seem to be a pair of contradictions: covering plants to accelerate the weathering of the city wall; The removal of plants will affect the landscape of the city wall. Is there any plant that can grow on the city wall without causing a negative impact on the city wall? This is a problem that experts in garden landscape and city wall protection are considering

in the book "comparison between Nanjing city wall and Roman city wall" published last year, Italian city wall protection experts proposed that the plant removal work should be based on the in-depth understanding of plant species, and those harmful plants should be resolutely removed, and the plants that are not contradictory to the city wall protection can be preserved, so as to increase the beauty of the city wall

Wenlinquan, director of the Municipal Institute of landscape science, said that after investigation, there are 266 kinds of plants on the Nanjing city wall, and the specific impact of each plant on the city wall is still lack of special research. Which plants can coexist with the city wall is a topic worthy of research

Cao Fangqing said that at present, it is mainly based on practical experience to remove wall plants, and there is a lack of scientific research data to prove the relationship between the city wall and plants. They plan to set up a special topic for research in the future to explore the protection methods that are conducive to the stability of the city wall structure and increase the beauty of the landscape

the walls near Qianhu lake have been cleared of plants that used to be full of walls

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