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Houjie Shuanggang closed and relocated 126 furniture enterprises in two years

Houjie Shuanggang closed and relocated 126 furniture enterprises in two years

October 30, 2015

[China paint information] in Dongguan, Houjie Shuanggang is a vivid epitome of the local furniture industry. In this community of only 9 square kilometers, there are more than 200 large and small furniture enterprises, accounting for half of Houjie furniture industry. Furniture manufacturing has always been a major polluter. In recent years, while the furniture industry in Shuanggang has developed at a high speed, it has also become a disaster area for Houjie environmental pollution complaints, and has been listed as a key area for local pollution remediation

on October 28, taking the opportunity of holding the environmental protection open day, Houjie Town invited representatives of local communities to Shuanggang community to visit and study, so as to prepare for the next step of self-made high carbon and high chromium Mo containing self protective flux cored wire to deepen the pollution remediation action in other communities. According to Houjie Environmental Protection Bureau, in the past two years, 137 enterprises (2 closed down) have been investigated and dealt with by Shuanggang, 126 furniture enterprises have been closed down and relocated, and the related environmental pollution complaints have decreased by 70%, and the pollution remediation of the furniture industry has achieved initial results

guide enterprises to change their environmental protection concepts

Dongguan Henghui Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in Houjie Shuanggang in 1992. When Lu Fuxin, the second generation founder, decided to spend more than 2 million yuan to increase the investment in environmental protection equipment of the enterprise two years ago, this choice was not recognized by all surrounding elders. In the view of the elders, environmental protection investment can not see real benefits, which will only lead to the increase of enterprise costs

this general mentality is what huangxibin, director of Houjie environmental protection branch, needs to solve first after taking over this task

"At that time, I told my colleagues that we must finish the super large casting template with a bowl of water. Every enterprise involved in pollution problems should carry out guidance and publicity, try to work in combination with the actual development of enterprise 5. Regularly check the transmission condition of sprocket, do a good job in policy consultation and technical solution services, and give enterprises enough time to rectify. If we really want to commit a crime against the wind, we should resolutely warn first, then punish, and if we can't apply for compulsory closure."

with the gradual deepening of both hard and soft pollution remediation, more and more business owners began to recognize the concept of environmental protection and began to cooperate with the environmental protection department for rectification

environmental improvement was praised by the masses

Henghui furniture had been equipped with corresponding environmental protection equipment, but there were still surrounding people who reported that the paint smell of the factory was heavy from time to time. To this end, Lu Fuxin added activated carbon treatment pipelines to collect VOCs and related odors in the paint spraying workshop according to the requirements of the environmental protection department, further upgrading the environmental protection facilities and treatment capacity of the enterprise

according to the statistics of the environmental protection department, how effective is the implementation of environmental improvement in the double post furniture industry? Since the recent implementation of governance, 137 enterprises have been investigated and dealt with in Houjie Town according to law, including 2 closed down, 7 forced power cuts by joint departments, and 126 closed down and relocated. At present, there are 174 furniture enterprises in Shuanggang community, and a total of 158 have completed pollution control facilities and environmental protection approval procedures. The environmental protection approval rate of the whole region has increased from 20% to more than 90% now, and the environmental protection awareness of enterprises taking the initiative to control pollution has significantly increased

after strong rectification, the environmental pollution complaints in Shuanggang community have decreased significantly, the air quality has improved significantly, and the environmental pollution problems reported by the masses have decreased significantly. In 2014, for example, the number of complaints involving environmental pollution in Shuanggang community decreased from more than 140 to more than 40, a year-on-year decrease of 70%

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