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Two Chinese enterprises were shortlisted in the global top 50 list of non tire rubber products

recently, the first place in the 2012 global top 50 list of non tire rubber products organized by the U.S. weekly rubber and plastics was the installation and preliminary accuracy alignment of computer-based universal material testing machine. German mainland replaced Hutchinson of France in the top spot. Based on the financial situation of the top 50, the sales revenue and profit of the global non tire rubber market in 2011 continued to grow strongly on the basis of the substantial growth in 2010, both reaching the best level in history. Compared with the tire industry, the global non tire rubber products have a stronger development momentum and become a new economic growth point of the rubber industry

mainland Germany topped the list

the list is ranked by the sales revenue of non tire rubber products of enterprises in 2011. The sales in mainland Germany will not affect the stretching process of rubber, and the revenue will increase by 22%, replacing Hutchinson of France to become the new overlord of non tire rubber products in the world. Hutchinson of France ranked second. Trelleborg, Sweden, and freydenberg, Germany, ranked third and fourth, respectively, which was exactly the same as last year. The ranking of the 5th to 10th places is the same as that of last year. Bridgestone of Japan, NOK of Japan, Donghai rubber industry of Japan, Tomkins of the United Kingdom, Cooper standard auto parts of the United States and American plastic also have certain problems

in addition to the traditional top 10, the members of the world's "2billion Dollar Club" have increased by one American viyons technology; The membership of the "1billion Dollar Club" has increased from 12 last year to 18. Only one German WOco industrial technology company has entered the top 50 list

on the whole, the economic benefits of non tire rubber products enterprises last year were very good. The sales volume of top 50 enterprises increased by 11.7% year-on-year to US $65billion; Total profit increased by 39.3% to a record US $10.77 billion. The profit margin of all enterprises has generally increased significantly. In terms of profits, mainland Germany increased by 106% to US $1.845 billion, ranking first with a profit margin of 4.3%. Eaton's profit increased by 45.3% to US $1.35 billion, ranking second with a profit margin of 8.4%. Bridgestone's profit increased by 14.7% to US $1.29 billion, ranking third with a profit margin of 3.4%

business diversification international

from the analysis of the production and operation nature of the top 50 enterprises, the vast majority of enterprises have been collectivized and diversified. The situation of single product fighting alone no longer exists. Instead, it organically combines specialization, refinement and integration, implements specialized and refined production, integrated management, and actively develops diversification and internationalization strategies

among the top 50, Bridgestone, Yokohama rubber, Sumitomo rubber and Toyo rubber are mainly engaged in tire and also produce non tire rubber products, while the mainland, Trelleborg and Carlyle partners pay equal attention to the development of tire and non tire rubber products. There are more than 10 enterprises mainly engaged in automobile rubber parts, such as Hutchinson and samplett. The enterprises mainly engaged in industrial rubber products, rubber hoses and tapes include Yokohama rubber, Donghai rubber, sakoto chemical, Samsung tape, Xintian and Fenna

large enterprises of auto parts and mechanical seals are involved in the working principle of non tire deformation measurement: at least 10 rubber products are produced, and many of them occupy a prominent position. For example, freydenberg's annual sales volume is US $8.366 billion, and the non tire rubber products account for 46.5%; SFK in Sweden is US $10.22 billion, with non tire rubber products accounting for 7.8%; German ZF is 21.6 billion US dollars, and the non tire rubber products account for 4.3%; In mainland Germany, it was US $42.485 billion, and the non tire rubber products accounted for 10.8%

most of the top 10 auto parts giants in the United States have participated in the production and operation of automotive rubber parts. There is also Toyota, the world's largest automotive group, whose subsidiary Toyota synthetic also has non tire rubber products in addition to auto parts, accounting for 15% of the non tire rubber products

the manufacturing focus has shifted significantly eastward

at present, Europe, Japan and the United States still control the global non tire rubber market. The countries and regions where the headquarters of the top 50 enterprises are subordinate are mainly concentrated in Europe, Japan and the United States. Among them, Japan has 15, becoming the largest country in the top 50. The United States has 12 companies, ranking second. There are 18 enterprises in the European Union, ranking first in the region. More than 90% of the global non tire rubber products enterprises are still controlled by Europe, America and Japan. The top 10 are all European, American and Japanese enterprises. The total sales of the top 10 enterprises reached US $35billion, accounting for 53.9% of the top 50 enterprises, more than half of which are in a fairly centralized state. The non tire business in Europe is developing faster. The top four are all European enterprises, with sales of US $16.55 billion, accounting for 25.5% of the top 50 enterprises

China's non tire rubber industry made a breakthrough in 2010, and two enterprises were shortlisted in the top 50 at one time. In 2011, the two shortlisted enterprises made another breakthrough. The sales volume of Zhuzhou Times New material technology company increased by 55%, rising from 47th to 36th with us $531million. This is the first time that Chinese enterprises have entered the top 40. Anhui Zhongding seal group's sales increased by 27%, rising from 45th to 41st with us $457million. The shortlist of two Chinese enterprises also shows that the strength of China's rubber industry has been continuously enhanced

China's rubber consumption ranks first in the world, and the production of non tire rubber products such as rubber hoses, tapes, rubber plates, seals and shock-absorbing products ranks first in the world, which has a great attraction to the world's rubber manufacturers. So far, more than 32 of the top 50 enterprises have set up factories in China, with nearly 70 factories. Among them, Donghai rubber has the largest number of factories in China, Toyota synthetic has 7 factories, mainland China and Bridgestone have 5 factories respectively, Yokohama rubber and Fuguo have 4 factories respectively. The automobile rubber parts produced by these foreign-funded enterprises have accounted for more than 2/3 of the Chinese market, and most of them are in a monopoly position in high-end products. The world's non tire rubber manufacturing center of gravity has an obvious trend of shifting to China

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